Older children and bedwetting

svm716September 9, 2009

I just saw a post concerning an older child and bedwetting. Can't find it again, but wanted to add my thoughts. I work for a pediatric chiropractor and he has been highly successful in treating enuresis. The nervous system affects everything! As a former bedwetter myself, I can tell you how humiliating it is to wake up soaked. My parents shamed me out of it when I was 13, but I hope that parents in 2009 are better informed. I was a very deep sleeper. I have seen chiropractic relieve a variety of sleep-related problems and hope those families that are suffering will consider seeing a pediatric chiropractor.

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I have heard there is a medication. Maybe you can find more information on this board


Here is a link that might be useful: healthboards

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There is a medication for bedwetting but the possible side effects are pretty serious. My friends son was on the medicine and took him off of it after reading the warning label info.

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