Does anyone have preschool workbooks I can have please

mamagirlSeptember 11, 2007

My son is 3 and has speech delay and started prek if anyone can help us out email me please with school workbooks, sign language books or vidoes, small toys for his motor skills he lacks of he needs beads and strings, baby blocks please email me if youcan help us thank you

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You didn't say - But is your son in any sort of Early Intervention program or PPCD? If he's 3, has fine motor skills deficits, and has no speech as indicated from your other posts, there's more going on than workbooks can fix.

Do you know what it is?
And is he getting the therapy he needs?

There are several of us here who have children with developmental difficulties, and we can help you get started if needed.

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A heads up: OP is looking for free things on other forums also.

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Well she's only got 2 posts, same subject. But I think sweeby's comment is appropriate.

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