May_Flowers are you out there?

islanddevilFebruary 27, 2013

Hi May_Flowers
I was wondering if you could repost your kitchen pics and dimensions in this thread or link me to where you posted it before?

I love your kitchen and my current one is similar in shape. You may recall after seeing a picture of yours, I think in a random thread, I requested some size info and what was in the ajoining spaces. I was thinking of swaping my kitchen and dining room spaces, but after seeing how great yours looks, maybe mine could too in it's existing space. I could save that major structural $ for new furniture!

Anyway I know you answered my questions, but for some reason I can not get email notices of replies in threads I've posted or posted in and I don't remember which one. I need to find a new system to keep track of them cuz if I'm not in here every day or don't remember the thread name it's lost.

So if you could hook me up with the details of your kitchen I'd really appreciate it. I'm hoping mine is as similar in size as it looks. Also can you tell me what's in the space directly across from your range, out of sight to the right. You probably posted when I asked before, but lost that thread.

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Here you go, Island.

Our first floor is an L shape. We have a long hallway with a powder room behind the fridge wall. The DR and LR is the short leg of the L. The garage is inside the L, so it's across from the open U of the kitchen.

Let me know which dimensions you need. If you need the kitchen floor plan or cabinet lay-out with dimensions, I can post them too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen remodel

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Hi may_flowers. I am building a kitchen on an investment house that is pretty much the same a this on two sides: the wall with the stove, and the peninsula. We will have the sink, stove, and dishwasher in the exact same places.

Do you feel you have enough room to prep?
Could you give me the recipe for these two walls: the stove wall and the peninsula? I am very interested to know the measurements, how much counter space you have, etc. THANKS!

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The peninsula is 99 1/2" and the stove wall is 154". That includes the countertop overhang. I have enough room to prep in the 30" between the stove and sink because I'm used to it. As much as I tried to increase that space, we couldn't make the sink wall longer.

When I need to spread out, I use the peninsula. The peninsula prep space is 47" L x 39 1/2" W. I tried to mimic an island by giving generous counter space to the end of the peninsula. I also have a 13 " pull-out trash cabinet in the peninsula between the sink and DW. If I didn't have the pull-out, I would have centered the sink in the peninsula. But I actually extended the peninsula 4 inches into the hallway and used a 28" sink base to make room for the trash cabinet. It was well worth it!

Hope that helps!

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May flowers. Thank you so much! I would love all of that if it's not too much of a hassle to post. I'm especially interested in the length of your 3 cabinet walls, the length of floor space from sink wall to fridge wall and range to end of kitchen in that direction.

Also can you please tell me how high your ceilings are and how deep your peninsula is?
I have bar height behind my sink like your original, but I don't have bar width, no place for seating. I don't think I have the space to drop that wall unless I want zero room behind my sink. No, don't think so. Plus I'm a messy cook and picture stuff rolling off the back of my peninsula if that's my prime work space like now. Is your primary prep area to the left of the sink?
Also what color and brand of quartz did you use? Looks very nice with your cabs.
Thanks again! I'm excited about this now!!

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Thanks for the measurements and input on the prep spaces!

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You should be able to figure out the measurements from this, Island. Cabinets are standard depth. Ceiling is 8".

The quartz is Caesarstone Buttermilk in those photos, but we had it replaced with Pentalquartz Botticino. Same color but a little different pattern. The fabricators made a boo-boo on the Caesarstone and we replaced it with a locally-available product.

I answered the prep questions right before you posted. Look up ^.

I think I answered everything! Let me know if I missed anything.

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May-Flowers Perfect, thank you so much! I was hoping you would say 8' ceilings. I'll be getting out the measuring tape this weekend. Really appreciate your help.

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