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ionized_gwMay 6, 2011

I thought I knew what caulk I was going use between pieces of wood trim and between wood trim an old-fashioned cement siding. Silicone is reputed to be more durable, but not paintable. Other options are paintable. I don't care so much about paintable because my trim is white and silicone is available in white. I planned on white silicone for around trim and windows.

Fast forward, I started scraping and priming last weekend. It is going fine. I got loose paint off a lot of the trim, and soffits with scraper, wire brush and a bit of sanding. I dug out loose caulk. I primed. Now I am thinking about caulk again. I wonder how the silicone is supposed to stick to the primed wood if it does not take paint!

Does anyone have some advice about caulk choice? I live where it is hot and humid and rains a lot. Remember cement and wood.

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I guess I should have written that silicone is reputed to be more durable than latex. After some research, I think I will go with urethane if I can find some.

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