Demijohn Hanging Light Fixture

allison0704February 19, 2014

Does anyone know who makes this fixture? DD2 saw it today in a local store. I search via Google image and found this photo of the same fixture (attached). The size is rather large: 13.4"W x 19.3"H plus chain. Thank in advance.

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Here ya go.

Also check out etsy/light made out of bottle

If you know someone who knows anything about electricity, it could be made very easily out of a seeded glass bottle. I've seen similar bottles at World Market.

Here is a link that might be useful: light fixture

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Thanks. We've seen the one at PB. She was looking for this one specifically.

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Allison, I know how resourceful you are.

I googled demijohn a few days ago because I wanted one. There is a place in Italy (I think it is a vineyard or former vineyard) that has the demijohns for sale. You could have an electrician create the same thing for you if you got a demijohn jar, right?

This is another one, I had cleared my history and did not bookmark the other.

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Did you see these (link below)? One of their stores isn't too far from me if you need me to check them out or photograph. Cisco makes their own furniture here in LA, but not sure where they source their lighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cisco brothers furniture

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Thanks, Patricia. These days I don't have the time to be resourceful. lol I found the fixture carried by White x White at their ATL showroom - shows retail is what we saw it for today. DD2 hoping to find for less online.

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Allison, I am tightening my teeth and jaw. Your statement makes me cringe. Are you OK?

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Not to speak for Allison, but she cares for her darling little grandson while her daughter is at work. Hopefully that is why she is not feeling resourceful.


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Thanks, Tina. I knew that and forgot. I think "I" am getting that age where all my friends have something from cataracts to dental implants, hip replacements and I think I am perhaps to sensitive to that.

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Thanks, Chispa. I believe a local store carries Cisco. I will call them today. Unless shipping is free, I think it would eat up any savings on price.

Thanks, Tina and Patricia (lol No dental implants, hip replacements or cataracts for me! *knock on wood*) I actually have not been keeping him since November. My mother has not been well; in/out of hospital and rehab. Back home now but not doing much better. Their lakehouse across from us has sold, with a quick closing, and I've been busy doing anything and everything that has to be done between contract signing and closing - meeting movers today to relocate furniture in 4 different homes/places! Lots going on with work too, besides regular end of year paperwork.

It won't slow down for awhile - DS and his family are moving here in a month. Can't wait to spend more time with my almost 2yo granddaughter! I will probably be back keeping DGS before too long. Looks like boomerang DD1 is moving back to CA in the next few weeks. After living 10 years in San Francisco, 2 years here is too long! But those are all good things!! DH would like to build another house. I'm not sure how to work that in, but we'll see.

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I'm sorry Allison. I knew your mom had some problems but had no idea she had been in the hospital. I meant to ask you when your son would be here. I should keep in better touch! Hope your mom is doing better.

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I do hope things will slow down for you, Allison. Unfortunately, about the time mine all graduated college, my mother's condition worsened. Like you, I had to deal with her business, her health conditions and then later her demise. My grandchildren starred coming along within weeks of mother's death, and now "it's always something." Not sure if all this prevents or speeds up Alzheimer's.

Have a great day! I wish your mom and your whole famiyl the best and kiss all those sweet grandbabies for me.

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Thank you both. She's "only" 80, and this was the last thing any of us expected. Her parents lived to be 90 and 92. I guess staying busy is good since it keeps from me thinking too much. 10 hours of moving today. I so do not look forward to the day when both of them are gone and we have to do this with their now one and only house.

DGS is spending tomorrow night, and Miss E will be here soon.

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Allison, it is hard. I tried to take some of my mother's furniture (not living as nearby as you) and place it in storage because we had already noticed silverware and silver services missing, all her sheets gone and she was a hoarder of linens, much of her crystal and china were gone. So, I decided before the furniture walked away with the caretakers and physical therapy people, I best take it, so if any of the children wanted it later. I was glad in the long haul that I did it, but it was quite painful and knowing she was watching me take it, must have sent a message to her already confused brain. I did not know which was sadder that she knew I was taking it and she obviously would know the reason or that she sit and watch well-paid strangers take all she had.

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That is just terrible, Patricia. I will never understand thieves. My mom's parents had some things taken too. Right now, family is taking care of her and the only outside help were the various therapists brought in after rehab, so it's not a worry.

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Allison- I'm sorry to hear about all that you are going through too. I hope your mom's health improves and that things settle down for you. I know from experience how draining it can be when a parent is ill. Make sure you take care of yourself and get some rest.

Love the light fixture by the way!

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