Love them from a distance

ScreamingHurtSeptember 8, 2012

My have 3offspring who I are making the kinds of choices that inspire to vomit. Watching them "do life" is something akin to watching a guesome horror movie. Honestly, I spend many moments either cringing from the impending consequential doom that looms large over their ridiculous choices. Or alternatively, screaming[inside]with the gutwrenching emotional pain of watching one of them suffer.

I HAVE HAD IT! This is where I get off! Seriously, my heart can't take the emotional and psychological pain inflicted by their choices. The worst part is, they are very bright, intellectually gifted individuals who are fully capable of knowing and doing better! Seriously, the older two are classified as "genius" and "gifted" but in my humble opinion,they act like imbeciles! They get themselves into the most ridiculous-Stevie Wonder-could-have-seen-that-coming predicaments. Then, they come whining and crying to me. Now for the really annoying part. Because these tend to be the types of things a reasonable, thinking person could predict, neither I nor they are ever shocked by the outcomes. Moreover, the element of surprise has been removed because in most cases, we have thoroughly discussed the situation ahead of time and analyzed the foreseeable outcomes. Therefore, there is no reason to be surprised or shocked. Because we all saw it coming and readily admit as much. But none of this stops them from doing what they do. IT IS INSANE!

I have had it! I do not care to get involved or be involved unwillingly in any capacity! I will no longer fund this lunancy and chaos! I will not "support" any one who engages in activities and lifestyle choices with which I neither agree nor approve. I love them but I will henceforth, love them from a distance! I can love them unconditionally without offending MY sensibilities and compromising my sense of peace and well-being. Additionally, I can love them without creating unnecessary hardships for myself; financially and emotionally. I can love them from a distance and not subject myself to their morally bankrupt lifestyles. I did not raise them to live the way they choose to live but it is their choice. I respect their right to choose for themselves but I maintain my right to respectfully decline to engage in or indulge them in those choices.

Nuff Said

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I assume these are your children you are talking about ?

Just because they are blessed with a high IQ does not mean they have common sense.

If they are adults, then you have to let them loose. They are old enough to deal with their own lives now, assuming they have had a good upbringing.

You seem to emotionally involved with the whole thing - try to change your thinking and relax.

Do some work on your own reactions to things, and you will be a lot happier.

Good luck.

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"Seriously, the older two are classified as "genius" and "gifted" but in my humble opinion,they act like imbeciles!"

What are they doing that has you so upset?

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