Countertop - looking for a white'ish natural stone for kitchen.

LLee2February 12, 2014

We have had Carerra Marble in a previous home and as much as I loved it, I also hated it due to the constant maintenance and the fact that I would cringe every time someone squeezed a lemon or lime over it. We are now in the process of renovating our new kitchen and I want a natural stone that is in the white family (cabinets are white, center island dark wood and hardwood floors) and want it to be a natural stone. Is granite really my only option? I saw some Quartzite that was beautiful but I have read that it's pretty delicate, similar to Marble in that way. Can anyone suggest some places to find some nice white granite and if you know of a particular color/lot can you let me know where you found it? I really want something from good old Mother Nature bc I love the natural striations in natural stone. Thanks for any suggestions!!

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My sil put in White Macaubus quartzite with her white cabinets on her medium gray island with dark wood floors. It's bulletproof.

We just put in Fantasy Brown quartzite which is lighter in color, not white but has white in it. There are lots of variations in this type of quartzite. I've seen it with lots of dark striations or lighter with grays, greens, browns, taupes and whites like ours. It's been bulletproof for us so far (only a couple of months in use).

Good luck with your search. Sorry I couldn't give more information. There should be plenty of others to help you here. GWers love our white counters!

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Thanks ck_squared. I love the look of quartzite but I have heard that it can get etching stains similar to that of marble. It's surprising to hear you say it's bulletproof as I have heard so much about it being a sensitive stone... now I am wondering if I should reconsider this. It is gorgeous but I have 4 kids and we do a lot of entertaining so I don't want to be completely paranoid that someone will squeeze citrus onto it without my noticing and it will damage the stone.

I am eager to hear what others have to suggest. I have heard of a granite called White Zito or White Vermont and those are pretty - lots of grey striations which we are fine with.

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My sil has 4 kids, 3-12. She has had no problems with the White Macaubus.

I think it's stone like Super White quartzite, which is really a marble, that have the issues. There are plenty of quartzites that are very durable.

Have you seen the very informative threads by karin_mt? She is a geologist with a wealth of information about stones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is one of karin's threads

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Thanks for the plug CK! :)

Poor quartzite is getting a bad name by marble being mis-labeled as quartzite. Actual, genuine quartzite will be trouble-free as a countertop. The trick is finding one and doing your homework enough to tell the difference. Check out the rocks thread above and you'll get the idea.

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