'Mean Girls' Seminar, anyone?

leahcateAugust 10, 2009

With jr. school looming, I would love to find tools to host a "mean girls" meeting. Would we need to have a pro speaker, or could we do this ourselves with good material? I'm thinking of one large meeting with one or more speakers, moms or a pro. Afterward, the group would break into small groups to discuss and sign a code of conduct.

Have any of you experienced such a thing? This is a very new seat-of-my-pants idea. Have a feeling there is lots of info out there, but thought I'd begin here, and would love to hear from you...thanks!.

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That is a very interesting concept. I like it. Talking about bullying is becoming part of the curriculum for school counselors. But what goes on among adolescent girls is very different from boys. I sub (I'm trying to find a full-time teaching job!) and I can see the girls are much harder on each other than boys. Oh, they are tricky. And so often, they think they aren't doing anything wrong. They seem to think they are just on the right side of the line, but haven't quite crossed it yet. When really, they went over the line a long time ago. Or they don't see their participation as a problem b/c their own role might be small, but combined it's huge. I think it is such a part of their social life they don't recognize the problem.

I am interested as a teacher and a parent (my only DD is 9 now). I want to know how to better handle the girl variety of bullying, in the classroom and when it affects my own daughter and her friends.

I don't have answers for you. But I'll help you look. ;o) I think the idea of a separate discussion with girls is a good idea, b/c the bullying is different than boys. They need definitions so they know it when they see it; so they think about what they do or don't do. They need girl-specific tools to handle that kind of emotional bullying situations. If it's not already happening, I think the discussion you're talking about is a good idea.

It's late, I can't look too much right now. I started to get somewhere when I googled "bullying intervention girls." I am linking an article I started to read and found interesting. It's 36 pages long, but the last 10 are resources. I'll keep looking, too, on and off when I get the chance. The subject interests me VERY much and I want to learn strategies I can use in the classroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Girl-to-Girl Bullying

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Thanks so much, Stephanie. I will go to your link and will also continue to research.. Yes, girls bullying IS so different. I've also been thinking of a mother-daughter book club to read about and discuss this subject ( Queen Bees/Wanna Bees, comes to mind, though I've not read it).
I hate the idea of all the moms huddled in the background while this ugliness goes on, rising only to defend her own chic when attacked. Moms should gather together and rally against this enemy to protect all our daughters, not allowing it to flourish under our radar.

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