SW Resilience--Know anything about it?

kitchendetectiveMay 18, 2011

Have you had any experience with SW Resilience exterior paint? A friend recommended it for exterior paint for cedar wood (antique). FPE has no certified painters in our neck of the woods and the project cannot conform to their requirements for their guarantee as the boards cannot be removed in order to be primed on all six sides (because only one side bears paint--rest are stain). How is Resilience for durability in the highly climate-variable South?

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Resilience is a decent paint but it was designed to be used when wet weather is eminent. Since that doesn't seem to be your concern, you can find better choices from both SW and BM. Painting cedar can be problematic (do a search on it) - a solid stain might be a better approach.

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Thanks, Paintguy. I have searched. Believe it or not, this is for an historic chicken coop, originally built in 1924, and even then, from timbers that had been used in a train station that was taken down. We do love our old wood around here!

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"you can find better choices from both SW and BM"

What do you recommend?

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