Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

clarygraceMay 6, 2012

Hello, I'm a regular on the Kitchen Forum but have a question regarding magnetic chalkboard paint. Does anyone have any experience with it? I found the attached website which is the inventor's sale/site as well, I think.

Would like to put this in our laundry room. Any input is greatly appreciated. PRODUCTS

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It doesn't have enough magnetic material to work well as a magnet holding surface. And it doesn't have enough chalk-writing material to work as a chalkboard.

In the places where it makes sense to have magnet boards, use sheet steel (cookie sheets, oil drip pans, flashing ... whatever) in a frame.

You could try painting these - after priming - with commercial chalkboard paint. With pure metal behind them,m they would be way better than iron powder mixed into paint.

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dry erase boards!

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