Why babies smile when sleeping?

orthodox23August 14, 2008

I really love to look at my son everyday, he is 1 month and 2 weeks old.. i love him so much.. I really love to see him smiling especially when he is asleep.. I think there are lot of angels guarding him.. He smiles when sleeping and I love it.. ;)

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He's probably just happy to get to meet you finally. My favorite is when they look like they drinking. That little sucking movement they do. You'll see it if you haven't already. Cute!

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sorry to dissapoint you but all babies smile when they are asleep its caused by trapped wind.

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Godness, Tracy, you are a real black cloud, who cares what the real reason is. Babies smile when they sleep because they can, and wait until he smiles and laughs when he's awake, it's like hearing those angels sing.

I loved it with my kids, and I love watching and hearing my grandchildren smile and laugh. It's the best sound in the world.

Enjoy the little guy. It just gets better and better.

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In my opinion I think even young babies can have happy dreams. If they can suck their thumb and do all the things they do before their born they can smile.

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Of course baby's smile. He's probably forming his first memories in his world and re-living them in his sleep. Like remembering the last snuggle, a full warm tummy, etc.

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"it's like hearing those angels sing."

There is nothing like a chuckling baby, or child, or even a smiling baby...it's universal, brings everyone together.

What little treasures they all are.

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I am another that just loves it when the baby sucks on his lower lip and smiles in their sleep. Two of mine even would laugh in their sleep. They would be fast asleep and then smile and let out a laugh. I always thought that it was that they were having a good dream about things we had done, and in another way, I think of my grandpas and grandma that aren't with us anymore and that maybe they are visiting them in their sleep watching over them.


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My little girl stella blue has been smiling/laughing in her sleep since she was 3 weeks old.....she's either reliving her past life....or remembering the fun we had that day.....since she's a bit older she's smiles all the time during the day.....it just warms my heart...she's soo precious .......

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i honestly think babies smile bcause they have a connection to the spiritul world and they see angels. Have you ever seen your baby stare randomly at nothing and smile? They see angels. Lots lf people say its gas, i think thats all boloni..

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Ok, these people talking bout smiling bc/ they have GAS? SMILING? Really. That makes no sense. And Tracy, do you have kids? Or r u just mad at the world? I know babies see angels. It makes sense especially if ur a Christian. Fooey w/ all these scientist & psychology people. I took psychology & loved it. But those people are just wrong sumtimes, sorry to burst ur bubble guys. Get over it. Babies do dream good dreams... angels & the like. They comprehend more than we give them credit for.

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I have 3 kids,am not mad at the world and am definatly NOT a christian,I beleive it is wind you beleive what you want.

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I think it's because if they are breastfed, they know what awaits them when they wake up...would put a smile on my face for sure ;o)

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LOL,loving the sense of humour,sorry but i think you are wrong too, lol,my first child was bottle fed and still smiled,i wish more people on here would take things less serious,i mean ,look at the last poster assuming i dont have kids or im angry at the world just because i beleive babys smile because of wind,its no big deal geez,get a life,good on ye mkroopy.

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