choosing between double and single wall oven

lawjediFebruary 23, 2014

I keep waffling back and forth. With this remodel, I am switching from a regular stove to a wall oven/cooktop. (back issues!)

Design wise, I'd like a single wall oven - more storage underneath, completely ideal height for oven.

Usage. With the exception of one, oft-repeat meal, I am perfectly happy using my current arrangement of one oven with the bonus use of the Breville toaster oven.

But that one meal... we make homemade pizza nearly every saturday night. 4 pizzas at a minimum for just us - half of the time we have company and it'll be more like 6-10 pizzas. Having 2 ovens would certainly aid in kicking out pizzas faster. Now that our family movie night moved to the basement, I definitely don't to be going back and forth to babysit the pizzas.

So.... are there any single ovens that would do a good job with 3 pizzas at a time? Do I really need to get a double oven just for that one meal? (Seriously though, I've done huge holiday meals for many people with just the Breville and the 1 oven.)

I think I know what the answer is -- but I haven't accepted it yet because the idea of more storage is so alluring.

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Sophie Wheeler

Have you looked atthe GE double/single oven? GE products are kida dumped on around here, but their cooking products have always gotten consistently good reviews from many sources.

Here is a link that might be useful: Double in the space of a single.

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If the single oven was a convection oven, could that work? You could probably bake a pizza on each rack with ease.

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I just looked at the GE single/double... interesting thought - will have to play around with it in my head, go see it in person.

lcskaisgir - I don't know - my current stove (whirlpool) has been a "fun" disappointment - it just isn't reliable with temps and can barely handle 2 pizzas in a timely manner. I set the temp at 475 -- the pizzas should be done in 10 min or less (thin crusts)... instead it's more like 15-17 min... and uneven... and once again, babysitting.... So it's hard for me to know how a good oven will be. I've only been able to use convection in the toaster oven, so I don't really know how well it enables food to "share" the heat.

any experienced pizza bakers out there? how many pizzas can you stuff in your well-working oven and have them come out evenly done?

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How about a single oven in the basement, you can use it just on family movie night for a batch of pizzas, also for parties to keep appetizers warm or on holidays to cook the brisket or turkey while shorter-cooking things are upstairs?

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Honestly DOUBLE OVEN!!! Back issues, let me tell you. Properly installed, the top oven is SUPER easy for normal baking: pizzas, cookies, french fries, etc. But that bottom oven?? It's a comfortable height for those HEAVY items. The turkey, the don't have to lift the heavy roaster UP, but you also don't have to bend down the way you would for a stove-oven. For me anyway, the bottom oven rack is at carry-height. So I just carry the roaster to it, and place it in, not bending or lifting. Love it. And then the top is all the regular baking. And those days you need 10 pizzas, EASY! Or if you're making items that have two different temperatures and two different cooking times. I'd never part with my double oven! Even FOR more storage (and I still have a 3' tall top cabinet that holds TONS and a small drawer below for pans, so no real loss of storage imo).

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