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anrsazAugust 4, 2004

Have you found that a playroom works best or toys in the bedroom works best? I find my dd (4yr) doesn't seem to want to go to sleep as well w/a room full of toys. Some people I've talked to say no way would they have their child in a room w/toys, because bedrooms are for sleeping! I don't think I agree w/that, but I need the extra room for my office.

What has worked for you?

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My kids have their toys in the bedroom. I've tried to get them to play in there, but the trainsets and other major items alwaysseem to find the way out to the main living areas. If we had room, we'd have a playroom.

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My boys had their toys in their bedrooms, no problem. I allowed them to read for a half an hour before they had to turn out the light. Reading always relaxed me and made me sleepy. I thought it would do the same for them and maybe teach them how much fun it is to read.

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We have most of the toys in the playroom but also toys in the bedroom & even a dollhouse in my room. It works as long as I don't have them scattered througout the house & everything has a place.

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When my first was born I thought all the toys should stay in her room and she should play in there with them. Boy was I naive! Kids don't want to play all alone in their room OR a playroom, they want to play where they can see and hear YOU!

After having four children and overflowing toys I found the best idea for us was to keep a toy closet. I found a huge locking cabinet (actually I think it was a metal locker) and all the toys with pieces had to go into their own containers and be put away before they could get out another. This worked unbelievably well for us and taught them to put away one mess before they started another.

Stuffed animals and such I look at as room decorations and either go up on shelves or in a toy hammock strung in a corner.

Like Michiel says, the main thing is to teach them that every thing has a place that it "lives" and it gets put away when done.

I also agree very strongly with Jonesy about the reading before bed. We had a routine with reading at night. I do it and I expected them to do it. After a certain hour you get in bed and read. You can read whatever you like for however long you want but that's all you can do. Reading helps calm your mind down and turn inward to help you unwind. Of all the important things you teach your kids, the love of reading ranks right up in the top five most useful.

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my youngest son alawys likes to take a book to bed with him
i think that he likes to look at the pictures more than anything and he does like to have a story read to him every night before he goes off to sleep .
the toybox stays in the boys bedroom ,but alas the toys are continually strung all over the house :-).

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Although my son is still in a crib, we have baskets all over the house for toys/books, etc. I have a plastic clothes basket in his room for toys so we can just throw them in whenever he makes a mess. There's a big floppy Rubbermaid basket behind a chair in the LR for toys, etc. so it's out of sight and DS likes to go back there and play. Then everything can just be dumped either in there or in the pack and play when we're done (which is never, LOL). I also have a long narrow basket down low so he can reach that has his "bookies" in it and he likes to read while I'm changing his diaper. It's amazing how it can look like a cyclone one minute and then clean the next because everything can just be thrown in and nothing really has to be organized.

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