Paint color for Doors and mid-level trim???

flowergal-2010May 24, 2010

We have a new wood floor and bottom trim to match. It is old Tobacco barn wood and we LOVE it :) I'm trying to decide what color to paint the interior doors (they have stain on them from about 20 years ago!) I painted the hallway closet doors Linen white, but not sure if the doors and mid level trim will look right that color?? Any help is appreciated!

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First, I'm SO jealous of your tobacco barnwood floors. How beautiful! Your closet doors are painted already if I understand correctly, so you are wondering whether to paint other interior doors (like bedroom doors? french doors?) and their surrounding trim a different color? You'd use this new color for window trim, too? Do you like how the Linen White closet doors look with the tones in the wood floors? With your painted walls? Would you change the closet doors to match the new color, or leave them Linen White? I love Linen White. We have a couple of rooms painted that color, with trim in Mascarpone, which is markedly whiter, but still a soft rich feel. (Reminds me of the color of half-and half, or homemade whipped cream). I really like the way those two whites look together. Ours is a "new old house" so we wanted a trim color that wouldn't look too bright white and modern but also didn't get too yellow. We're really happy with Mascarpone; it harmonizes beautifully with our wood antiques while still looking fairly 'fresh' and ties all the rooms together really nicely (they range from saffron yellow to Stonington Gray to a misty pale sage green to a deep cocoa bean brown, and it works with all of them). It has a very slightly rosy undertone (as does Linen White, more so), so you'll want to see how it compliments (or doesn't) your painted walls, as well as your floors. I'm betting it would work well, though. Have fun!

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