Painting vinyl shutters questions

rocky08May 25, 2010

I am planning on painting my previously painted white vinyl shutters black. I have bought Rust Oleum universal paint in satin black. Do I need to use steel wool to rought them up or would a sufficient cleaning suffice? Also, is this the right paint to use? I am removing them from the house to paint.

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Well, I removed one set yesterday and cleaned with a scrub brush. The paint started peeling off from the sides and some onto the front. It appears they have been painted with latex paint! I tried smoothing out the surface with steel wool. The water hose was even bringing off the paint! What should I do? Just wash the rest of them with a cloth,soap and water and paint over? The paint is not peeling on the shutters prior to washing. I am afraid this is turning into a much larger job than I intended! :(

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I've been contemplating the same thing. I think I will just buy new shutters in the color I want. I don't see paint sticking to the shutters long term, especially the ones getting sun for most of the day.

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Faron79've got some VERY good spray-paint! The Universal stuff is awesome. Very good feedback from our clients/customers.

IF it's an easily-peeling Latex paint....hmmmm....I'd maybe do what Booger suggests...just buy new!
UNLESS you're shutters are kinda unique, or you love the style, new.

IF they hadn't been separately painted, you could just scrub-'em clean & use the Universal. You'd have a fantastic "stick" then!
IF they're way up high, then I'd maybe use the Universal gray-primer after the cleaning, then 3 to 4 light coats of the Black.


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I read lots of posts on a bunch of sites all talking about reasons for not painting my vinyl shutters a different color. I still decided to go against normal advise and paint my vinyl shutters a different color. I documented how I did it and will be periodically posting how they held up in the long run here.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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