1-2 Combo Class

jeriAugust 22, 2005

My 7 y.o started school today. She was put into a first-second grade combo class (she is in 2nd grade). The teacher left a message over the weekend so that I was prepared. In the message, I was told that my daughter was specifically chosen because she works well with others and she works well alone (i.e. needing little guidance). This is true enough and also true of the only other 2 children in the class I know (from her first grade class). The teacher is certainly upbeat and sounds like she is excited about this "very special group of hand-picked kids".

IÂm more than a little concerned though. Have any of you had a child in this situation? How did it turn out???


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When I was in 5th grade, I was in a 5/6 combo class. It was not unlike any other class I was in, except not all the kids were learning the same thing at the same time. It sounds like she actually may benefit from being in this class because if all the kids were picked because of their ability to work well with other, it may be a really good group of students to have in her class. The only drawback I could see would be that the teacher may have a little less time to work seperately with each group, but probably no less time than teachers who are having to deal with kids that don't work well together in a regular class. I'm sure it will all turn out great!

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I did this in first grade. I was in a 1/2/3 rotating class, where all of us shifted thru all three grades throughout the day. That was in 1970 and I figured it had died a long time ago. Wow!

Anyhow, I turned out ok but I often wondered how it felt for the older kids. Maybe, though, it was good, so that they could refresh on some subjects that maybe they needed a little better foundation on.

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I was in classes like that in 1st-5th grades. It worked out ok then because in the time that the teacher was working with the other grade, we were all working individually reading, doing math problems, etc. I think we had a class helper to help if we had questions. If the kids are handpicked for this class, I'm not sure how it would be any different than a teacher sending some advanced students to their desk to work while students who needed more attention were working with the teacher.

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My DD was in a 1/2 as a 2nd grader. The students were all hand picked and so the collection of students were exceptionally nice and good students as well.

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