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mwoodsAugust 16, 2004

Hi,just popping over from another forum to ask for some advice. Our son,DIL and grandson who's 11 plus a friend of his who's 13 will be spending next week with us on the ocean. I'm pretty savy as to what kids like to do as far as Gameboy and other things like that but what I know about board games would fill a thimble. I want to take a couple down there with us..something that would be fun for everyone,but especially the two kids. What I'd like is something that isn't competitive but more along the lines of just fun to play. Any ideas?

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A deck of cards is always a winner. Junior Outburst is great too. Also card games such as UNO, etc are good for all ages - adults too.

Outside games would be a good idea too. If you are by the ocean, you may not need as many games as you think. When we went to the ocean last summer, the kids were at the water all day and then we played some games at night or just vegged with movies. The house we rented had a pool table, so that was a big help.

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