Bread Machine Thin Crust Pizza

happsOctober 7, 2012

I made pizza dough in my bread machine last night using the recipe provided with the machine and it came out very thick. What can I do next time so the crust turns out more thin?

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The thickness is determined by how thin you pat out the dough. If the recipe makes a 16-inch pizza crust and you made a 12-inch pizza with it, it will be thick. Next time try making two 12-inch crusts with the dough. Par-bake the second one and store it in the freezer to use another day.


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I'm guessin that Happs meant that the dough
was very dense and rubbery. More liquid
will help with that.

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Dense and rubbery dough will he helped by allowing the dough to rise before baking. I gathered that the dough was a thick crust rather than a thin crust.
The addition of a couple of tablespoons of oil will allow you to roll the dough will substituting a couple of tablespoons of corn meal for an equal amount of flour. I read once that the cornmeal cuts the glutin strands that keep you from being able to roll the dough really thin. Don't know if that's so or not, but it works.
Also try partially rolling out the dough then wrapping and chilling and then rolling while it's still cold.
If you roll your dough very thin, you will have a thin crust pizza.
Linda C

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How much flour and water were in the recipe, and what size pizza did you make? As others said, you may need more water and/or oil. I find that letting the dough relax/rise helps to allow me to make it thinner. I bake pizzas on a pizza screen for convenience even though I have a pizza stone (which I put the screen on) and a peel. When putting a pizza on a screen, I can force it to stay in a certain shape, but if I use a peel, it sometimes shrinks in diameter and gets thicker. We need more details on the methods you used.


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I guess we'll just have to wait and see if 'Happs'
responds, Poor Happs.

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Yes you'd want to roll the dough out thin but just today I made pizza dough in my bread machine and it came out too firm so making it thin would have been next to impossible, so maybe this is what they are referring to? For my bread sticks that I made it wasn't a big deal, they were great, but had I wanted pizza it would not roll out, it just kept "springing" back. The problem was too much flour or not enough water, however you want to look at it. I needed a softer dough. Then you can manipulate the dough into however thin or thick you want.

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As they say - the wetter the better!

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islay, yes that seems to be right with pizza dough. Well I suppose it could be too wet but it has to be wet enough to not spring back which is what mine was doing yesterday. It made wonderful bread sticks though! :)

Happs, what you need to do is as your bread machine starts the first kneading, check and see if you need more liquid.

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Wet dough, dry dough all will spring back with well developed gluten.
To stop spring back, allow the dough to rest.....chill it and roll it directly out of the refrigerator.....and if it starts to spring back before it's rolled out, cover and let it rest more.
Both Ann T and I make pizza crust from the same recipe we use for French bread. Make a double batch, make a couple of baguettes and then make a couple of pizzas.

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