Wood playground vs Plastic playground

kuiporngAugust 25, 2005

Hi everyone,

I want to equip our backyard with playground equipment. Nowadays, there are two category: plasic and wood. We ordered the little tikes ultimate playground from Sears this morning. But I just want to check the opinion of you, as experienced parents, what do you feel about plastic playground vs wood playground, which category is better, the kids like more? We can still cancel our Sears order if we find out Wood is the way to go....

Thank you for your opinion on this subject.

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Wood=splinters. Need I say more?

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The wood ones hold up better. I have heard that the build-it-at Home Depot/Lowes are better made than the wood one from Costco - more solid.

The kids are swinging or going up in the fort, or climbing ladders and I haven't had my daughter get a splinter in one.

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Just make sure you don't build/buy one built out of treated wood. They don't sell lumber treated with arsenic anymore, they do sell another and won't know if that is dangerous for many years. Our cities have removed all wooden play ground equipment and replaced it with plastic.

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Another thought is how long do you want it to last. We built one for my daughter out of wood. This was several years ago and we didn't use the treated. We just bought the regular untreated and I kept water sealer on it. She is now 16 and thankfully, the playset is ready to come down. I knew there would be a time when we didn't want to see that sitting in the back yard.

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Wood is the way to go...
Believe it or not your kids as teen agers will still find use for the play equipment...as a place for looking at the moon, to read or as a giggle and talk place with friends.
Plastic won't stand up to that.
Splinters in wood? Both my grand kids have had wood and no splinters. There is a wonderful huge fantasy castle wooden playground in this town....I know of no splinters.
Go with wood....you'll like looking at a lot better than those colored plastic things.
Linda c

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the advice given above, we finally made the decision to go with the Wood Playset. The person is coming over to install it for us this coming Saturday. We are really looking forwoard to it.

I will post how our kids react after it been setup for a while.

Patrick N

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After a few days of setting up the wood playground. I can say I am totally satisfy with my selection. Although I don't have experience with plastic playground, but I did feel wood have a good feeling both towards the children and adult... So for anyone face the same question, my recommendation is also "Go with Wood"....

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