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musicteacherMay 4, 2014

I grew up using Kilz but now only hear about Bin sealer. Is it better, or just a different brand? Can anyone explain when to chose oil based vs water, and is shellac a third choice? School is almost out for the summer and I am about to become a painting fool!

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Read the can of B-I-N. If I recall correctly it is not supposed to be used for painting entire walls. Zinsser makes good primers. They are the maker of B-I-N. I called them and asked which primer to use for each project (Walls, bare wood, etc.). They were helpful and I was happy with the result.
You know the first question anyone will want to know is " What are you painting?" Makes a big difference in which primer will work...BIG difference. Yes, I used the wrong primer for a specific project once, horrible results.
Incidentally call any manufacturer; they should help. Not so necessarily with the local paint person at HD or Lowes.

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I like BINs on woodworking projects that will be painted.
Or, even it's cousin, Sealcoat. (both shellac based).

The only others that I can talk about are Zinsser 123 and Glidden Gripper. I like 123 for problem walls and Gripper for exterior. They all work pretty good for their purposes.

Oh, and the cheap Glidden drywall primer is great.

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Kilz only has one purpose. Killing stains. However, Kilz is not the best for stain killing knots in wood. For that, you want BIN. BIN can also kill other stains as well and BIN is superior at bonding. For general purpose priming where bonding isn't a concern and you don't have any stains, then I would use Zinnser 123 which is a latex primer. Kilz2 Latex primer isn't that good and you should stay away from that.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

what he said ^^^

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I'm repainting walls in 2 rooms right now and used Zinsser123, it is a very good primer plus the advantage of soap and water cleanup.

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