Patches showing through paint

astevens16May 4, 2012

I'm in the process of repainting a room. I sanded the walls and uneven spots on the ceiling, patched holes and a seam on the ceiling with spackle, sanded again. Thought I knew what I was doing and spot primed over the spackled areas with Zinser, then rolled on a coat of the ceiling paint (which is a very light yellow). Got up this morning, and the spot and seam on the ceiling are glaring through the coat of paint. A second coat is not going to cover it up. Now that I've been reading up on it, it looks like I should have "spot primed" with the ceiling paint itself, not a white primer. What can I do now to cover up that streak and spot on the ceiling? Sand and re-prep? Prime the whole ceiling (and is Zinser ok for this)? Ugh.

Also, since I haven't done the walls yet (which are going from peach to yellow), I'm guessing I should just hit the spackle spots with the final wall paint, then two coats over the entire wall?

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If the spot primed areas on the ceiling are flashing through, then the only way to fix it is to prime the entire ceiling. Zinnser 123 is a good primer for doing this. The answer to the second question is...yes, spot prime with the wall paint and then apply two full coats.

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What he^ said

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