Please help - I must choose cabinets ASAP!

zjc80February 20, 2012

Hello! I'm re-asking a question from a couple days ago. We're building a house, and we must finalize our selections very soon. Our builder uses Timberlake cabinets, which are the same as American Woodmark and Shenandoah. We prefer raised panel, and there are 2 choices the builder offers in our price range - Cumberland (veneer center panel, full overlay) and Wyoming (solid wood door, standard overlay).

I'd prefer solid wood doors and full overlay, but that's over our budget. So my dilemma is I either have to sacrifice solid wood doors or full overlay. Is standard overlay outdated? Our current cabinets are standard overlay, golden oak from the early 90s! Is full overlay a better choice for resale value?

We know that we're going with the Cherry Bordeaux stain. When using a dark stain on cherry, do you even notice the gradual color darkening? Do you think the veneer center panel will eventually look noticeably different from the solid wood rails/stiles?

Thanks for your help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Timberlake Cabinets

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To me, the bigger difference is the arch in the Cumberland vs the squared shape of the Wyoming. Since those are different to me, even more than the overlay or veneer, which do you prefer?
Have you seen a sample door in person? How good is the veneer? I'd imagine there'd be a lower chance of warping with the veneer, but I'd want it to look seamless with the wood adjacent.

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I have no experience in this area, but since there's normally an upcharge for cherry, I think I'd want to solid wood doors.

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Dianalo - Both door styles are available with an arch or square. My husband and I both prefer square. I've looked at sample doors at both Home Depot (American Woodmark) and Lowe's (Shenandoah). I don't remember thinking that the veneer looked obvious. However, on one of the really dark (Maple Espresso) solid wood doors, I saw a white line around the center panel from the contraction of the wood. That would definitely be a concern if we were to choose Wyoming/solid doors, especially with a dark stain like Cherry Bordeaux.

I should also note that Wyoming has solid wood dovetail drawers. We would upgrade the Cumberland drawers to dovetail if we end up choosing that style.

Dilly_ny - Interestingly enough, the builder said that these 2 door styles would cost the same in either maple or cherry. That's one of the reasons we're going with cherry.

Any other thoughts?

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I'd go solid wood door, standard overlay, if you cant get or afford full overlay, as if they were to get scratched wood is easier to sand and stain ... just my opinon.

I dont have a preference to full, standard overlay. We just re did our kitchen and we ended up with full overlay (hubby preference) but when I looked at the same cabinets in the show room of our cabinet guy they both looked real nice either way. But for the price I'd go solid wood.

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Agree with Lgm2005.
Wood is easier to repair later down the road.

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Good point about repairs, lgm2005 and boxerpups. I definitely want solid wood doors, especially given the nature of cherry. The funny thing is I never gave any thought to standard or full overlay until reading this forum! I'm just so hesitant to put in a kitchen that may not be up to the current "standards".

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Timberlake offers portfolio Select series: your threshold of choice would be met in that grouping. Ask the builder to offer it to you and split the cost difference....or somehow work your budget to allow for this. Get exactly the cabinets you want in this new construction...[lesser importance details is where you should compromise-not cabs]

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I would say, in general terms, that partial overlay seems to be thought of as dated and not as custom or high-end as full overlay because full is more expensive. That said, there is nothing wrong with partial overlay. My cousin likes partial better and just installed her new kitchen that way. I much prefer full overlay so that's what I put in.

If you're concerned about resale in the near future, you might consult with your real estate agent to see what's expected in your area. I would think that the typical non-TKO home buyer would notice the full overlay upgrade before the material upgrade.

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Herbflavor - The builder priced out the Rushmore door style (Portfolio Select) for us, which they don't typically offer. This door style meets all of the criteria on my wish list (raised panel, solid wood doors, full overlay), but it was definitely pricier. As you can imagine, costs quickly escalate when building a home - I want to upgrade everything! We may have to increase our cabinetry budget... BTW, the Wyoming door style is also Portfolio Select.

Breezygirl - Thanks for your honesty! I'm afraid that if I go with standard overlay, I'll think about it every time I look at the cabinets.

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