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jen4t25May 18, 2011

We are renovating our new (old) home & broke down walls to basically make the living-room, dining room & kitchen all 1 room (one big square room. raised ranch). I plan to make everything a tan & not sure if I should just paint everything the same color. I'd like to use 2 different shades of the same color (use 2 different tans from the same paint card). My problem is the living-room & dining room share a wall. (The kitchen will be all cabinets & tile so very little paint will be seen there.) What do people usually do? I don't really want a line in the middle of the sharing wall with the dining room & living room. I was also thinking to make North & South walls one shade then the West & East walls another shade? Probably just 1 shade different.

Would love any suggestions. Thanks

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Post some photos of the area on the Home Decorating forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decorating forum

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I agree with graywings that you'll get more feeback on home decor. I asked a similar question recently since my living room and kitchen are essentially one room, and I was pretty much told to use one wall color unless I absolutely had to do one wall differently for interest. I've also heard not to do an accent wall unless you have something special to accentuate (ie: a fireplace). It was also recommended to use the same flooring throughout if possible.

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