wanna help me find a wall clock?

fourambluesFebruary 8, 2013

X-post from Home Decorating. Anyone here want to play?

My kitchen reno is almost complete. Lots of little punch list items for DH, plus backsplash for me. But I need for it to start feeling warmer and lived in, so I'm thinking about decorating now. There's a large, empty wall that needs something, and a clock would be a useful thing there (can't see any other clock from the dining table). I bought a Restoration Hardware clock that's just right:

Only it was defective, as was the replacement they sent me. I'm not trying a third time. (You'd think that, given the cost of RH items, they'd be better quality. Their customer service was good, though -- took back both with no challenge and no cost to me in the end.)

So, here's what I liked about that clock: the size, 28" (I want min 18" and max 30"), the dark metal case with clean lines, the sort of rustic finish, the Arabic numerals, and the cost (less than $200 shipped). What I didn't like, but could have lived with, and which you can't see in the pic: the faux aged clock face.

So do any of you know of a clock that would fit all the above criteria?


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GWlolo, thanks for the links! The punched metal one might do the trick, though might be a bit too rustic. It'll go on my short list, though! :)

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Here's one - made by Howard Miller. And 24" diameter. Make sure you do the "roll over to zoom" on the pic cause then you'll be able to see the subtle pattern in the center circle of the clock, and the little thingies between each number (are they anchors? fleur de lis? Idk). Nice touches.

There are reviews of this Atwater clock on Amazon too, if you are interested, but the pic there isn't as good, so I didn't link it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Howard Miller Atwater Clock

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What a coincidence, akchicago -- that exact clock was suggested on the home decorating forum! I do like it, but really want Arabic numbers, not Roman. DD2 is learning to tell time, so I want familiar numbers. Also, clocks with Roman tend toward old-world to my eye, and I'm leaning toward industrial/contemporary. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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I was looking for something similar, and this is what I found. I've only had it up a month, but it's kept accurate time so far. It's 24' in diameter, and the price isn't bad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooper Classics Whitley Clock

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I like that one, too, mpagmom! During my hunt, I'd just take a screen shot of each clock I thought might work, and that clock is in my photo stream. However, I decided to get a clock that busted the budget. (So I didn't even stick with the criteria I listed!) I got it from homedecorators.com:

I sure hope this one keeps time correctly. Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone!!

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