My Trip Itinerary

Nita__AZMarch 27, 2013

I was asked on another post about when I would be coming to PA and other eastern cities. We left home on March 14 and won't be getting back home until the end of July. We are going to be covering a lot of ground on this trip and hopefully I will be able to meet some KT members along the way. Please let me know if I will be close to where you live.

March 29 - April 3 Naples, FL
April 4 - 6 Key West, FL
April 7 Ft. Pierce, FL
April 8 Lake City, FL
April 10 - 11 Savannah, GA
April 13 - 14 Asheville, NC
April 16 - 18 Wilson, NC
April 20 - 21 Norfolk, VA
April 21 Charlottetsville, VA
April 23 - 27 Front Royal, VA
April 28 Johnstown, PA
April 29 - 30 Meridian, PA
May 2 - 7 Lancaster, PA
May 9 - 10 West Point, NY
May 12 - 15 Cape Cod, MA
May 17 - 20 Boston/Salem
May 22 - 27 Westminster, MA

The day not mentioned are travel days.

The dates for the rest of the trip aren't set in stone yet but we will be going to:
Augusta, ME
Nova Scotia
Bar Harbor, ME
Gorham, NH
Middlebury, VT
Fulton, NY
Niagara Falls
London, ON, Canada
Windsor,ON, Canada
Holland, MI
St. Cloud, MN
Kansas City, KS

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Nita, it is so wonderful that you get to travel to all these beautiful places! GOD be with you all the way!

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wow, nita....i see you will be visiting Niagara Falls...and i live about 10 minutes from there. i would love to finally get to meet you on that trip. i will keep watching for your updates. :)

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That would be great Lindalou!! I know there are some others in that area also. I will post the dates as soon as I figure out my timeframe. I want to see as much as possible and not rush.

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I'm only about an hour from Lancaster,PA.

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I live about 20 minutes from Niagara Falls. I would love to meet up with you too!

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Will you be coming to Niagara Falls Ontario? If so I would be pleased to show you around. I don't have a passport.

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What??? You are coming to Windsor? I do hope I will get to meet you Nta! How exciting.


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wow, would love to come along... LOL

Any route ideas yet from Kansas City forward?

Moni... who would love to be along in St.Cloud!!! and lots of other places too!

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Greetings Nita,

It sounds like a wonderful trip. I live in Charlottesville, VA, I'd be happy to meet you, or make suggestions for what to do and where to go when here, or join you for a dinner or even host you for the night.

How are you traveling? You mentioned camping near Panama City, Florida are you in a RV or something smaller?

Let me know if you are interested in any of the above. Charlottesville is a great small town, and it is fun to meet people and show it off.


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I would love to see you when you get to Lancaster county? What town will you be in?

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By your itinerary, I see that you have a wondeful trip planned.

You are smart to wait untli after May 15 to visit Wisconsin. That's when our good weather begins.

What kind of places do you like to see. I may be able to recommend a few in Wisconsin such as:

Mitchell park domes (flowers and plants)
Milwaukee Zoo
Whitnall Park (flower gardens)

Circus World Museum at Baraboo, WI

New Glarus settlement

Devil's Lake (camping)

Mineral Point (early lead mining district)

EAA Fly in at Osh Kosh

EAA Museum at Osh Kosh (avoid the fly-in dates, too busy and too much traffic to be enjoyable)

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Those of you in Niagara Falls, I made a seperate post regarding that part of the trip.

Gee Moni, it looks like we will be going through Oklahoma City!!! Maybe we could have a get together with some of the folks around there.

Bob, we have reservations at the KOA there in Charlottesville. We are going to tour Monticello and would love to meet you for dinner. We might be able to rustle up some dinner here in the motor home so we could have plenty of time to visit. We are traveling in a 40' class A coach.

Anne, are you in Windsor or London? I am planning on visiting with Dances also. Aren't there a couple others in the area?

Monica, we will be camping at the Old Mill Stream Campground in Lancaster.

While in Lancaster we are planning day trips to Gettysburg and also Philadelphia so it is also possible to meet with folks in the Philly area.

On the 28th of April there will be a get together at Lynn D's house in Johnstown, PA anyone in the area that would like to come are welcome. Just let me know or Gazania since she will be there also.

Jemdandy, we will be getting to Wisconsin sometime in July. I haven't scouted to see what is available to see there yet. Thanks for your reccomendations. I will probably be asking you for more information as I get into June.

We will be visiting with Wanda, VA and also Rosemary Thornton, JoAnn FL and Carol FL.

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Nita, I live only about 45 minutes from London, On. Maybe Jasdip and I could meet you there? What do you think Jasdip? All we need is a date!

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Nita, like always I have biking trips planned. So, as soon as you have an idea, like, early June, or early July... let me know. If I can change plans, I will!


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Luckygardnr, where are you and Jasdip? I figured that Anne was in London but she is talking Windsor. We don't have to go to London, we could come closer to where you are. Since we would be traveling the 401it would be better to stay close to there.

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Moni, it will be late July. We won't even get to Windsor until around July 4th I'm thinking.

Moni, I was going to suggest that you fly into Buffalo and come with us the rest of the trip we could drop you off at home.

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Do you plan to visit Valley Forge? It's on the way to Philadelphia, and we could meet there.

What sites are you looking for in Philly?
I grew up there, and know the Independence Hall area like a book - and it's a short ride down the street to the famous (for a REAL cheesesteak) Pat's Steaks in the Italian Market.

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Hi Nita

Dances and I are in the Windsor and Joyful Ed and Ivamae live in the London area. I also think there are a few KTers from nearby Detroit. It is about a 2 hour drive between London and Windsor.. I am so looking forward to finally meeting you.


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Nita, I don't know if we will be home, or in any of the areas you have listed when you will be. I will try to keep track of you, and if possible, we will try to get together. We may be on the road for the April part of your trip. Wanda is in Front Royal.

Are you a Passport America member? If not, please look into it. On certain days, you can get half off at the campgrounds that accept it.


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hope you enjoy the trip thru mi...windsor to holland is less than 3-4 hours, fairly decent drive although you will run into construction for just "is", lol...if you're doing holland, you might look up the meijer gardens...and the presidental library for president ford....the library is a lovely building right on the river...

and the dells (wisc)...if you ignore the neon, and do the boat trip...

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Nita, I live in Stratford, and Jasdip lives in Kitchener. But London is close enough. Only a 45 minute drive on a nice day....and maybe Jasdip would ride with me. Also, Joyfulguy lives near there too.

I heard there was someone else from the Stratford area. I'm not sure who, but perhaps she would like to ride with us too.

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Iva Mae lives in London and I'm near it.

I've thought that Jasdip lived near Sarnia, but may be wrong, as Lucky Gardener is fairly definite about Kitchener.

Nicole (and Claude and the kids - is it "nicole on"?) lives down near Toronto, but haven't heard from her here in a long time, and don't think that I have her email address.

We'd like to meet you, Nita: tell us when.

(If you're in Niagara Falls on the Fourth, there may be some celebration ... but don't expect much if you're in various other Ontario centres, that day: Windsor and Detroit have a celebration together at that time).

ole joyful

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For visiting Monticello, especially during the spring and on a weekend, it may be wise to make reservations for a specific tour time a day or two ahead of time. It can be fairly busy, and if you just show up you could be told that the next available house tour is three hours from now. You can make reservations online or I think you can phone as well. (URL is

This pictures are from April a few years ago:

Another thing that you might like is atop this neighboring hill that can be seen from Monticello, there is an Orchard/Winery that does wine tastings and has beautiful views of the city and the countryside. They are open from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Friday -Sunday

Do you pull a car behind your RV? Or do you just drive the RV everywhere? I know that Monticello has parking for buses and RV's, but the Orchard/Winery might not.

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Monica, thank you for mentioning Valley Forge as I hadn't thought of it. We will do one day there and then another day in Phily. I want to do the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I know we need tickets for the tour and will make reservations for those. I just haven't figured out a time for when we want to do that.

I have an electric scooter and was wondering if there is any problem in using it in both of these places. I have a problem walking very far since I have back problems.

Tami, it would be great to see you if we get close enough to each other to coordinate it. Yes we belong to Passport America.

Susan, road construction is a given just about everywhere in the Summer. We aren't in a hurry, we are retired. LOL

Anne, we will definitely get together with you and Dances.

Ed it would be fun to have a get together in London and meet with you, Iva Mae, Jasdip and Luckygardnr. I will give you a date as soon as I figure it out then you all can pick a place to meet. I see that there is a KOA in London so we might stay there.

Bob, I planned on making reservations at Monticello and will do that in the next week or so. We pull a PT Cruiser behind our motor home so that is what we will travel around town in while in Charlottesville. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I hope there will be lots of flowers in bloom when we get there.

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Nita- Philly is a very short drive for me and I'd love to met with you and the other KTers in the area. I could even drive to Valley Forge or Lancaster depending.

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I am in Asheville! And. I will be home in PA near. Lancaster on May 9 -12!!!


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monica_pa problem with a scooter, many people around here use them (I even have one)..

Valley Forge is an outdoor park, with paved walkways. The carillon bells are historical in themselves.

I forgot about the Daniel Boone Homestead, less than an hour from Valley Forge - and both can be done in a day.

Independence Hall is in a very congested part of the city - parking is the problem there. The complex of historical buildings is only 2/3 city blocks in area - but just to see the bell is a treat.

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Nita, I'm glad you are a passport member! When you go to Gettysburg, Artilliry Ridge Campground is a PA campground, and a good place to stay. It's where we stay when we go, or are on our way thru. I will c & p your itinerary so I can keep track of you. We don't know if we will be able to take our usual spring trip this year due to DH's work. There is an upcoming job that may keep us home. If that's the case, I can hopefully meet you fairly local. By which I mean I can do some driving to get to you even if it's in MI!

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I've had the pleasure of meeting Nita 2x in the past 14 yrs near Tampa when I lived in Largo. Trust when I say...if you have the chance to meet w/her and the KT gang...go! It's way too much fun! Nita...have a safe & happy, memorable trip!

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Close but not close enough. ) : Say "Hi" to Lynn in PA for me, she was my swap partner a couple years ago.

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