Pumpkin Pie spices-Only cinnamon?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaOctober 10, 2013

When I was growing up and acquiring a taste for pumpkin pie, it was what my Mom made and she never used pumpkin pie spice or the pumpkin pie filling with all the spices. She only used cinnamon, and that is how I have made mine for years.

When I mentioned it recently to a friend, she thought it sounded odd, and thought that it wouldn't taste 'right' to everyone used to all the different spices.

I've baked and shared many pumpkin pies over the years, and have never had anyone mention the lack of spices or that they didn't care for them with just the cinnamon.

I'm considering baking a couple of pies to take to a function, and now wonder if I need to go buy some pumpkin pie spice. I know if there is any pie leftover, I won't eat it. When I once accidentally bought a can of pumpkin pie mix, I ended up giving it away.

So, does anyone else just use cinnamon?


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You can make it any way you like it! No one else will be thinking,"Hmm, only cinnamon."
But if you ever want to try it with a mixture, don't buy pumpkin pie spice. Use individual, high-quality spices. More cinnamon than anything else. I use cinnamon, ginger, and mace.

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I don't make pumpkin pies but have a few recipes that list pumpkin pie spice as an ingredient. I use this mix for a teaspoon of PP spice: 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. ground ginger, 1/8 tsp. ground allspice, 1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg.

If you like the way your pumpkin pie tastes, others most likely will too. I once read that the canned pumpkin with spices added was developed for women who only baked a pie once a year and didn't have baking spices on hand.

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I agree make it how you like it, not what everyone else tells you it should be.

In my pumpkin pies I use Cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg, ginger and 1/8th of a cup of Molasses.

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Yum - molasses! I'd love your pumpkin pie filling recipe if you get a chance. I love molasses and am always looking for new ways to use it.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Thank you all. I think I might try a taste test sometime with some close friends...2 pies, one with just cinnamon, and one with the traditional spices.

For now (because I don't feel up to making crust for pies this evening) I've opted to take something else to the function.


I'll try to remember to report back on the taste test.

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My mother made it only with cinnamon too since pumpkin pie spice has nutmeg in it and she never liked nutmeg. It always made her burp and it does the same thing to me. If I make one here at home I only use cinnamon. I don't think I even have nutmeg. All pumpkin pie spice is is nutmeg cinnamon and ginger I think. At work I make my own spice to use in pumpkin pie.

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Nancy zone 6

I rarely make pumpkin pie because I'm the only one who likes it at our house, I won't buy pumpkin pie spice just for an occasional pie. I make it to my taste of course, with mostly cinnamon & a little nutmeg. I think pumpkin pie spice also has cloves, & I don't like cloves.

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I love cloves and always put extra into pumpkin pie, mine has cinnamon, ginger, cloves and a sprinkle of allspice on the top.

I think, though, that you should make it however you like it. I think I'd like the version with molasses, though, so Aprile, I'd like to see that recipe too, please.


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Honestly I think it would be much better with only cinnamon. I don't care for any of those other spices. A friend of mine uses only cinnamon in hers because she can't eat the other spices.

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I began reading this and wondered what do I put in my pumpkin pie. I know molasses and cinnamon but what else

I make it once a year had to search for the recipe and while I put cinnamon in apparently there is also nutmeg.

It's a recipe I found in a story about a farm from when I was a teen. I didn't write down what book or who wrote it. I just remember asking my mother is we could try this recipe this year and she agreed. It has been the recipe for pumpkin pie ever since.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Once again, thank you to all for your replies. I'm now feeling much more 'ok' with just using cinnamon, since some don't care for one or more spices commonly used in pumpkin pies.

I think there is more than one spice that I don't care for, but it especially seems when eating pies made by others, I only taste the spices, and don't really taste and enjoy the pumpkin itself.

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I think it's nutmeg that many people don't like.

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