Latex over oil

rosemintMay 17, 2014

My interior wood trim/door casings have oil-based paint and I want to cover it with latex. Instead of deglossing, one painter emailed me this suggestion:

"Why don't you cover it with a clear flat finish, instead of sanding it? Sanding can't be done evenly, which means you might sand down to bare wood in some areas & not other areas, but if you painted over it, it would all be perfectly even. Also, sanding would leave it rough, which would attract dirt. It's better to leave is smooth & flat."

Do you agree with what he says?

Thanks in advance!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

no way, how does the "clear flat finish" stick to the oil?

you need to lightly sand it just to break the gloss of the oil, and or, apply a quality bonding primer and then QUALITY top coats

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Thank you, christophern! It didn't sound right to me

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That painter isn't a painter. From his knowledge about sanding, I'm going to guess he's never sanded anything in his life.

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All you need to do is lightly sand the oil paint just to rough it up so it will take the primer. Then you prime with an OIL based primer. I know this doesn't seem to make sense but this is what my paint store guy told me last week. Then you paint over that primer with latex. I use Benjamin Moore paint. I have the same problem. Oil painted trim throughout my house done 20 years ago which I now have to change. I'm in Canada and oil based paint has become illegal here for environmental reasons for the last couple of years.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

OIl based primer would certainly work but is hardly necessary.

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If oil based is illegal in Canada, then how can you recommend priming with an oil based primer? Personally, I think a high quality acrylic primer is actually superior to the oil based primers for bonding purposes.

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