Did I pick the wrong door style? (photo)

southernmumFebruary 9, 2013

I have been going back and forth with stained vs white kitchen for over a month. Finally signed off on order and choose slightly off-white cabinets and a painted warm gray island. Now I'm second-guessing my door style. Will this look okay painted off-white, no glaze? This is the only photo I have of the door style, so it's hard for me envision in white. (Sigh...Hope I picked all the right stuff!) Would love to see any kitchens that are white with doors like this... All I can find are shaker door styles. Thanks!

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I think it'll be beautiful in off white and those details will make some interesting shadow lines. I do like mitered doors, though. It's very pretty... from what company are you getting your cabs?

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This looks a lot like the door style I chose. I decided to have it painted in dove white with no glaze. I also considered a creamy color. My kitchen cabinets won't arrive until 5 March so I don't know how look yet, but I am very excited!!

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I'd have thought long and hard about how much cleaning would be involved for kitchen use.

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It will look lovely in off-white. Don't worry. Looking forward to seeing the island color--warm gray is so nice

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it will be gorgeous.

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That is a mitered door. Did they explain that as the wood expands and contracts the joints will show hairline cracks? I tend to think they look fine in rail and stile doors but not so great in miters. Partly a matter of taste but you should be aware.

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I think it will look lovely.

I almost got mitered doors myself. I asked, and the cabinet guy had not had any problems, though for painted you would have to eventually expect the paint to crack at the joint as with any other door. What stopped me was the extra 2.5k they were going to cost. Turns out we had been using a door I liked for quotes and it happened to be one of the least expensive doors! A big factor for me was ease of cleaning, so we ended up with the simple door we started with.

If you want painted doors, you already know what to expect, I hope. And you were using it anyway, so i would assume you thought about cleaning.I don't think there's anything about this particular door being painted that should make you doubt your choices.

But of course we will need pics once installed to be sure ;-)

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They are beautiful doors and should be especially lovely in the off-white shade you've chosen. It's easy to second guess yourself, but relax, they'll be gorgeous! Take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the process!

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I think your doors are classy and traditional. I also think they will look very tasteful in an off white, the detailing will provide shadows and warmth...

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Most places will get a sample door in the color you want. Did you request that?

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Thank you guys so much for your encouragement and input! I do hope the paint holds up well, esp. now that I've realized this is a mitered door. It's easy to second guess yourself while building a house, but I've got to stop!! It's very tiring! ;) Sanjuangirl, I really liked your advice: just had a glass of Pinot Noir and I feel much better! :) Thanks again, everyone!

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