mudding/floating painted walls

n8nleeMay 20, 2011

We will close on a house next week. The first thing my wife wants done is to re-texture then repaint. The current texture is very "aggressive" where there are obvious dips and bowls. Those are the only terms I can describe them. The texture was sprayed on and knocked down, but done unevenly. There are also two walls where they owners went a step (actually 3 or 4 steps) further and sponged on several layers of paint. Anyways, I plan to mud all the walls, but I'm not sure on what to use as a cleaner. I don't want to use TSP as I'm not sure I can thoroughly rinse it out of all the features of the textured walls.

I've done a search here and have read about powdered dirtex. Would that work better? In the event that I can't find it locally, can I use something else? maybe wipe on a mixture of vinegar and water? ammonia and water?



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Good for you guys gettin' rid of homely texture!!

One ? tho...are you pretty good at skimming walls?
* Done correctly, it looks fabulous and adds value to a home.
* Done "so-so", walls looks wavy & very DIY....
* I'd at least consider getting bids from someone who does it a lot. Good "skimmers" can skim a wall using minimal mud...therefore less sanding/dust at the end.
* Yes...I'm a big powdered Dirtex fan for wall prep!
* When walls are dry, PRIME them b4 any mud goes on.
* I'm a fan of Zinsser 123 or C2-One primers.
* When sanding and dust is gone after texturing, prime AGAIN.
* NOW you're ready for the paint!


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