I don't ask much of my window treatment hardware

JamieFebruary 3, 2013

I just want it to open all the way so my panels stack outside the window frame, to open easily and smoothly, to let me use hidden hooks and not demand meant-to-show-rings, to not show it's ugly parts and not require a concealing cornice or valance, to curve to the wall so I don't have to see an ungainly gap from the side, to be easy to mount, and to be standard and adaptable enough that if I want to add or subtract a layer of treatment I can do so without agony, and do all this without pleats.

Is that so much to ask?

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You are talking about good design! Did you pay a lot for them (really disheartening)? A name brand? Where was it made? Just wondering.

Of course you can find inexpensive things that do work well or well enough (and vice verse) but I often wonder if the people who design some of these troublesome things have actually used or tested them! They seem to just pump them out without much thought or experience. Obviously, the more that goes into a product, the more it will cost. I often think I've paid enough for something but today's prices are crazy for the quality we often seem to get.

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Ripplefold or Sinuous Fold drapery and track.

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Helpful, thank you.

Fortunately I haven't bought anything yet. Just trying to figure out how to work with some panels I already have. They are gathered with strings. It looks like I could remove the strings and add the snap tape.

I was hoping to install brackets on the molding, because I can do that myself (can't do it on the walls), and extend the rod/track beyond the brackets. Doesn't seem like I can. Am I missing something?

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