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pdg777August 29, 2008

Hi, first time poster for this particular forum. This question is from a relative, and would surely appreciate your advice:

My relative just found out her bid was accepted on a house but earliest she can close is October 1st. Since this is in a new school district (which she really likes), and their schools don't start until September 8th, she can't decide what to do among these 3 options:

1. start school where she lives now (on Tuesday after Labor Day) and then switch schools after moving

2. Make a mad dash next week to try to enroll and start kids in new school district on the 8th, and then shuttle them back and forth for 3 weeks (about 60 miles round trip). (this may or may not work out anyway -- might not be enough time)

3. Forget about public school for this semester; home school and then start kids either next semester or next year in new school district. She home-schooled before, but not all of the 4 kids were born/school age when she did.

Which scenario would you choose and why?

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Stability is something children crave and desperately need. So if she could buck it up and drive, the kids staying in one school for the whole year would probably be best.

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I meant #2, but you get the picture. Going to clean off my contact now... best of luck to them!

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#2 might not be an option. Most public schools won't just let you register your kids in the school of your choice, you must live in that zone, not even just the district, but that exact school's boundaries. In our local school district, we do not have choice, so I don't think it would be an option here. They require proof of residency to establish that you live in that school's zone. Closing papers would count, but I don't think an open contract would. Has she already verified that she'd even be able to do that? Besides, what if something falls through before Oct. 1? That would really cause chaos.

We moved our kids 4 years ago, with two of them in school (grades 6 and 2 at the time) a month after school started. It was out of state, so there was no commuting option for me. I guess I could have homeschooled them for a month, or a year, but I didn't. I sent them to their "old" school for a month, them enrolled them in the new when we moved. They started on day 1 knowing they would be moving. But the benefit I saw was 1) The daily routine was still intact, despite the change of location. There was still bedtimes and homework times. 2) They were able to see and say goodbye to friends they'd known for a few years but didn't see over the summer. It gave them some closure, a chance to exchange addresses, etc.

I did, however, withdraw my preschooler from the preschool she was registered for before they started. I decided since preschool wasn't necessary, there was no reason to start a young child then move her. Then I never did put her in preschool, I kept her home until kindergarten.

My oldest has moved twice mid-school year. I grew up moving a lot- 7 schools in 9 years. Transitions are tough at the time, but you come through them stronger as a family. I don't think it's make or break whatever she chooses to do. My experience, as a child and as an adult, is that the stability of the family far outweighs the change of address and school. If the family life and routines are still intact, the kids will adjust quickly to whatever she chooses to do. That is how I came through lots of moves with no issues, my family life was still consistent.

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Thanks for the advice.

Stephanie, she would be assigned to the new school based on where she's moving to. But you make a good point -- suppose something falls through? These days I guess things on the lender's end are certainly shaky!

I know "they" say that children are flexible, but these children have lived in the same house all their lives, and have had their Mom home with them all their lives. I guess I'm probably the one who is more worried about their stability! LOL!

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we once had this dilema and went for #2 most school will allow you to enroll your children in the school you are moving too if you have an executed purchase and sale agreement- one call can clear that up.

many people go with number 1 and it works out fine..they get to spend time with their friends before they go.

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