Chairs to go with this table

loves2readFebruary 8, 2013

Another question about decorating our vacation house...
The kitchen was opened up and shares space with two areas that make an upside down L basically---
one for dining and one for seating--
we have 4 swivel/glider chairs in circle around a light rattan ottoman in the seating area--in sort of soft yellow slub silk material--but polyester--and I guess they are more formal looking than beachy/cottage-y...but they are very comfortable

the flooring is dark engineered wood in what I think is cherry-- darker than cherry cabinets in kitchen area- but reddish tones with some lighter strands that include some yellow tones...

We wanted glass top table and low back chairs--but not a center support
A table with legs so we can slide chairs all under when not in use and save space...and because we want it to seat more than 4 comfortably we wanted extending top--
not easy to find with glass top table...

FInally found the one in the link and had to order sight unseen since could not find store in Dallas or Sarasota area that carried it...
chairs that go with it don't work for us--table is cherry finish vs wenge

we want chairs only 30 inches high or so--to keep lower profile
and because of the white frosting on glass top we are thinking white chairs

Anyone have other suggestion?
We went to Ikea and tried on chairs because DH doesnt want to spend more than 100 a chair (and thinks that is expensive) since it is vacation house...
Found 4 that were OK for both of us--we are different heights and chairs that fit him don't always work for me and vice versa...
Vilmar, Urban (my favorite), Erland, and Elamer (his) would probably work
but just don't know about how any would really go with the table itself
It is contemporary but not "rustic"...
The table is in FL and the nearest Ikea there is 90 min away
when I go in Feb I might try to buy two different chairs and see how they work with the table...
but until then appreciate suggestions--especially pix of chairs

Was considering some of the wire Bertoia-look alike chairs in white as well but don't know how some of the less expensive knockoffs would hold up

Here is a link that might be useful: Expanding glass top table

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I specified Bertoia chairs for a project and without cushions, they were pretty uncomfortable. They would also put my legs to sleep because they cut off the circulation. When the client moved she happily sold the chairs to the new owner. They looked great but comfort was an issue.

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May not work for you at all but I had a friend who had a glass table AND a glass sofa table that matched. When she needed more dining space she put the glass sofa table at the end of her glass dining table, put a table cloth on and it was a table for more....worked good for her. As for chairs...with the table you pictured some kind of wood chairs to match the legs would be good IMHO

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The problem with most of the Bertoia knock-offs (and you can see the difference when you look closely) is that the front edge of the real ones slopes downward ever so slightly. The knock-offs don't, which makes them significantly less comfortable than the real ones.

That front edge can be unpleasant behind the knees after a pretty short while. And although cushions help, the shape of the them has to extend over the edge, which also doesn't look right.

And the knock-offs often are flimsy, whereas the originals are sturdy steel.

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