Berh paint Disaster

gardenandcatsMay 4, 2011

Seeing adds on tv about what a wonderfull paint berh paint is supposed to be. We purchased a bright red to do our living room, hallway and entry way. The red we used had to have a undercoat of a purpley primer which we used. Home depot did warn us that we still might need two coats of the red.

Yes we sure did need two coats of red because the primer we where told to use which berhs computer said to use showed through.

Hubby spent days painting and it looks great. But My gosh bump the wall and both top coats and the purplish primer coat are coming off.!!! Its like rubber paint. Its supposed to be highly scrubbable. I would not dare wipe it with a damp cloth let alone scrub it.

We are so very very dissapointed..Have no idea what the next step should be. No way can you remove it. Hubby says how on earth could we paint over it with another brand?

Any suggestions?? I'd love to make berh come and redo it LOL

We still want red.And we can live with it but for how long? Before it really starts coming off. Or maybe it just takes a few weeks to dry on well?

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Depending on what type of Behr interior paint you used, the cure time is two to four weeks.

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So your saying by 4 weeks this peeling if bumped will stop?
I sure hope so thanks for the info gives me hope all is not lost and that we won't have to somehow start all over

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Most latex paint takes a month to cure fully.

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Well you'd think they would mention that on the can of paint!

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It's true, but the curing is a process. This means that each day the paint should be more durable than the day before and it will bond better. Most times when I paint though, the paint is stuck pretty well after it is dry to the touch, usually in 2 hours. I remember a year ago or so I had this exact same problem with Behr. It's really the reason I don't use it....well, it's one of the reasons anyway. I would give it a few days and check it again.

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I wouldn't have let you out the door without GRAY primer, and instructed you on how to get an even coat of Red on the wall!!

When you've got a high colorant-load like that, cure and drying times are very loooonnnngg.
* It'll vary with a homes' airflow and humidity.
* The bonding process of paints & primers does indeed take many days...into weeks sometimes.
* Yes...a FULL MONTH (or more) is often the "real-life" cure-out time for colors like that.
* Most people confuse "Dry" with "Cured". Two VERY different things!!

Bottom-line....give it tiiiiimmmmme.


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I just checked a can of Behr Premium Plus Ultra, and under Dry Time, it says "After two weeks, cured paint film may be cleaned with a mild non-abrasive cleaner."

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OP, how much painting experience do you have?

Paint is chemistry. In many aspects of chemistry and engineering, there are compromises to me made. With paint the list of desirable characteristic is long, and you can not maximize everything in one paint.

You can formulate a paint that will dry/cure in an hour (maybe even at freezing temperatures) but you will probably have to repaint very soon or give up something on other aspects. Commercial painters like paints that cover very easily and dry fast. DIY homeowners might put up with slower drying and two coats if the paint will last twice as long. I bet Behr is aimed at the DIY market.

Let us know how it seems after a month!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

THIS is why you do not buy paint and ESPECIALLY get advise from big box stores. Purple primer indeed! I will say no more.

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Novice painter that we sure are, it does seem like its getting better.We took our time and did a very nice primer and two coats of red. I sure hope it holds up..

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