Hate the new paint in the family room, help!

tealcakeMay 9, 2012

Ugh, what a nightmare. We are just finishing up having our living room, family room, and downstairs bath painted. I had intended to paint the living room coral and the family room gray. The plan was to have gray and yellow accents in the living room - I was really set on that color scheme, partially because I brought home an amazing antique rug from Morocco with the same colors. So we painted the living room in BM coral gables and I love it. We tested 4 "grays" in the family room. I liked one color, but the painter and my husband both liked another (BM stardust) so I went along with it. Now it's on the walls and I HATE it. So much. It's brown, not gray. The rooms connect, so it's kind of a big deal and I don't want poop brown in the living room!

The painter is coming back tomorrow to touch up a few things and clean up. I'm not sure if i should try to have him redo the family room now or wait see how it looks with the furniture. Maybe it'll grow on me?

I'm hesitant to rush a repaint because of the cost, but I know it will cost more to let him clean up and leave only to have to do all the prep over again.

We are doing a pretty substantial amount of refurnishing (new house!) - any suggestions to bring out the gray in this BROWN paint? Gray couch? I have two armchairs to reupholster for the room also - I haven't painted the frames or chosen fabric yet so there might be potential there. Or should I just have the painter bring over more samples in the morning and start repainting?

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I'm so sorry! You're not alone, though...many have written similar posts in the Home Decorating forum. If you haven't already, try re-posting this there.

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Thanks for the advice for where to post - I figured the "paint" forum was the most relevant and I didn't want to get in "trouble" for posting in the wrong spot!

I asked him to bring new samples and he's re-taping some of the trim now. I was upset about it every time I walked by the room so I figured it's better to repaint now when the prep is basically all done than to wait and have to redo all of that.

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"so I figured it's better to repaint now when the prep is basically all done than to wait and have to redo all of that."

I think that is a wise move. If it's not right, it's not right and chances are you won't grow to love it. Getting it repainted now before the furniture etc goes in is much better and most likely you would end up repainting it since you know it's not what you want already.

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Stardust looks brown on my monitor. Do go over to the Home Decorating forum - there are many threads on gray paint. A poster named Beekeeperswife has a whole collection of gray paint samples from her trials with it. In fact, you might want to try a search of that forum with her name and the word gray.

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I would repaint now. Much easier to do before you fill the room with furniture and stuff. More importantly, for the future, don't let yourself be talked into something you know doesn't look right from the beginning!!!!

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