Advice Pls.. Fabric or leather?

qmarkerFebruary 1, 2014

I am confused, less now than a week ago but now, I'm stuck. To put this in a bit of shorthand. I sold my home after yrs of TLC until it was just too much and I got too old to do it all. I am in a condo now & of course brought a portion of my furniture. It is a wide upen & somewhat spacey condo with huge windows in every area & that's what sold me.

Since there is virtually a 'hallway' to the bed & baths through the LR, I have my sofa mid room with it's back to the kitchen stools. That left me without enough space for my long sofa table so it found a home in front of the 3 LR windows. Well, I had a second small console table which fit perfectly next to the fireplace. But I do not like two of them in the same room & never was nuts about the longer one. So, I scouted all over the web looking at everything from bombe chests to plant stands & everything in between. Then the idea struck me, of course a lovely bench that opens for crazy storage.

The exact bench comes in beige tufted (top) fabric or deep brown leather. I have nothing leather but it would be the most practical. I have two darker beige side chairs edged in walnut and a paisley sofa with 2 reclining sides. So, it's not 'old' but just comfy traditional looking to me. I would not mind the additional seating & a few pretty pillows on the ends. I have beautiful large area rugs in brown & beige and I had all light, large beige ceramic tile floor installed. The LR & Kitchen all flow together.

My dilema is leather or the beige fabric? Either seems like it would look very nice. I think fabric is more comfy in the LR and I've never had leather but it is more practical. OTOH, it is the LR, not going to get very heavy use. Which would be softer or go with all fabric furnishings better?

The woodwork is all white and I hung the dark brown rod with grommet voile curtains. So eclectic yes, but I don't want to get carried away either. Link to the beige but brown leather is there somewhere too.

Thank you 'expert advice givers' as usual.
Donna -

Here is a link that might be useful: Storage bench upholstered

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I like the idea of leather. When we first got married, my husband talked me into a leather couch and I will NEVER go back. It is so easy to clean, it doesn't collect dog hair and once you break it in, it is super comfy!

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It appears that the leather is actually faux. I would pick the fabric one.

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If it were real leather, I'd say leather, but since it's not, I'd choose the fabric cover. It's a nice bench.

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