Rutt or Khale cabinets for our new kitchen reno?

LLee2February 12, 2014

They are both plywood (this was important to us due to less chemicals, etc) and we are doing all inlay. The Rutt, we are told by our kitchen designer, is a better quality and it's only a couple of thousand more. Worth it? Anyone have any experience with these two brands?

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Kahle, I mean. Oops.

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I've never heard of Kahle...but RUTT is NICE! Very high quality custom line. In line with Wood-Mode, I am pretty sure.

I just Googled Kahle. It's a mid-range semi-custom. If that's the case....definitely go with the RUTT!!

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I priced out Kahle's for one kitchen -- it came in around a mix of Omega and Dynasty. I also stopped at their showroom/factory. I'm not sure if they are semi or custom, but they will do whatever sizes you wish (and the upper of their two levels has those unusual full tops). Up there with Wood-Mode? Maybe not. But very solid, and nice folks.

If there's a particular finish you're after, I might make that my tie breaker.

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We are going with a white finish and we have a big family so I am hearing that Rutt has a better finish. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard this. Sounds like we should probably explore this as an upgrade worth the splurge since it will be in a high traffic area.

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I was looking at stains in quartersawn oak, so I wasn't paying a lot of attention to paint finishes, except to note that they'd do custom colors. With the oak, a matte finish was an upcharge (a semigloss was standard), but otherwise all was what you'd expect -- catalyzed varnish,etc.

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I have circa 1997 oak Kahle cabinets. We just recently upgraded to granite and in the process I did a detailed inspection of them. They have held up beautfully in a no-frills use household. I still have no issues with hinges or drawer slides and no problems with the finish. I am really impressed. While they are not a luxury line, they used beautiful selections of wood for the paneled doors and they have been a great choice for someone who wants value. I recently went to my local dealer to see about getting an extra door (I wanted to build a trash pull out) and they had NO PROBLEM finding my exact profile and being able to custom order a door. Their construction is solid but not as refined as a custom box would be, but they are definitely durable and will not go bad over time and use. I hope this is helpful to you, I joined the forum just to answer your inquiry because I do believe this is a great value product to control costs.

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I actually had a Rutt kitchen in the house we bought in NJ about 20 years ago so the kitchen was probably 10 years old when we bought the house. Although not exactly our style, they were the most beautifully made cabinets I have ever seen. But that was a long time ago!

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