Interesting Venezuela Kitchen

mailfox7February 8, 2013

I ran across this blog Tazas & Cuentos and saw this interesting kitchen post. Not the modern kitchen favored on this forum, but for those who like something more vintage, you might find this interesting.
Here is a peek, for more you can check out the blog.

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I don't know any Spanish, but really enjoyed the pics -- love that kitchen! Thanks for sharing, la_jan.

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That's a lot of dangly pendants.
I like the lightness of it all.

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Very pretty kitchen. I would go for fewer pendants too. They are distracting to me.

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I will third the excessive pendants. But otherwise I like the look! Thanks for sharing.

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Love this kitchen! (minus the lights) Her collections are great, too.

The descriptions are written in English under the Spanish.

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omg those floors! and that blue island! I want that! I feel the love and warmth from this kitchen. So comfortable and charming

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Well, it's a very pretty kitchen but it has NO "Venezuelan style" elements. I grew up there.

All those eggs cups and bunny-decorated items seem much more European than Venezuelan.

So I checked the profle of the blogger and she isn't in Venezuela, but instead is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Completely different social ambiance, cultural origins and environment (temperate rather than tropical/Caribean like Venezuela, for instance.)

I'm not complaining, but actually relieved to discover this lovely kitchen is in the Argentine. When I was looking at it, I felt utterly bereft to think that my beloved Venezuelan decor had changed so dramatically to a more Euro-centric, prettified aesthetic. I'm not expecting it to have stayed the same as when I lived there, but this kitchen is so foreign to what I have in my mind, that I was shocked.

That big, pale blue-green, carved grocery store cupboard (handsome as it is) really threw me for a loop - I couldn't picture it ever being in a Venezuelan grocery store. In a chi-chi Caracas antique store, imported from abroad, yes. But in a real Venezuelan food store: No!

And even the range of colors (pale eau de nil, greens and blues) is a very uncommon set in Venezuela. Most of Venezuela is hot and tropical (exception being high in the chilly mountains where there is permanent snow cover on the peaks), but all of it has the intense, not-far-from-the-Equator quality of light which is anathema to pale, washed-out Englishy colors. Buenos Aires, on the other hand, is almost as far South from the Equator as Charlotte, North Carolina is north of it.


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