Soapstone Dings and Scratches and Chips

grannabelleFebruary 5, 2009

i have had my soapstone in for over a year - it is a very, very soft green mountain original that dings and scratches very easily - oiling and waxing never cover the dings and scratches and they remain white and noticeable - i have not sanded as i am afraid that the area i sand will remain white as well - last night DH while doing some electrical work chipped a sizeable piece off of the bottom edge of my island - i oiled it and it turned dark and barely noticeable almost immediately!! why is it that the scratches and smaller dings do not respond to the oil at all and the large chipped section responded beautifully? also, any suggestions on how to darken the scratches and dings would be appreciated, although i love the "patina" look in general and rarely oil/wax, there are many scratches i would like to darken...i am tempted to use a black/gray sharpie...THANKS

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I read on another thread that one must be careful to make sure the soapstone is very dry before oiling. The chip was likely very dry? Don't have soapstone though.

I would be terrified of a Sharpie!

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Babka NorCal 9b

I haven't had to use a Sharpie to fix any chips, but I did just now draw a line on my soapstone, and used a cotton ball with nail polish remover (acetone)and it came right up. Ain't soapstone great???


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soapstone is great that is why i am not afraid to try the sharpie...i have even tried pouring oil on dings and scratches and leaving it a few minutes before wiping off - but they still stay white! grrrrrrr

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Use the sharpie! It really makes them look better.
I have a stone that is really soft (fingernails scratch it) and a lot of white dings.

I finally Sharpied my really deep dings and scratches that stayed white and then rewaxed/oiled and they look great. Although I love the dings and marks, it did always bother me that they stayed white. I have quite a few dings because I drop a lot of dishes and heavy cans (major clutz and always in a hurry)

I do sandpaper out the finer scratches every several monthes using 220 grit in a circular motion. When you reoil, it blends great but there are about 10 gouges from dropped dishes that were too deep to sand out, hence the Sharpie.

Beware...One time, I used 400 grit paper and the color never darkened the same until I roughed it up with the courser 220 grit. The 400 grit really changed how the stone accepted oil. I called Bucks County Soapstone and the owner told me to use 220.

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grannabelle -
I have the exact same frustration with my 15 month old "Python" (dark gray/charcoal/black) soapstone from M.Tex. I don't mind the patina, but, I hate that some scratches just won't darken up and stay white. It's just never made sense to me why they won't.... I've thought of the sharpie trick, too. Does anyone else have any other/better solutions? If so, you'll be my favorite GW'er of all time!

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The sharpie is the way to go. It works great and you will never notice that you colored it in. You won't even be able to find the ding except by feeling for it.

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THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU!! i have often felt alone with this dilemma as most people rave about how all of their dings and scratches just "disappear" with oil...cleo - mine also scratches with a is gray black with lots of greenishness to you use a grey sharpie, black? a combo? and thanks again for the 220 sandpaper tip

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I have Santa Rita which is more charcoal grey than black and fades quickly. I used a black Sharpie-just a small dot at the bottom of each ding.

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I also have Santa Rita Venata - the black sharpie has kept me sane! Use it - don't be afraid - it blends so perfectly sometimes I cant even see the ding.

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for using the sharpie on less deep scrapes and scratches - do you kind of wipe it with a wet towel or something to spread and blend it? thanks

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I smudged it in there with my finger. When I first did it, the Sharpie was a totally different shade than the greyish counter. When I oiled/waxed it. it all blended. Now, you can't tell that I sharpied it at all.

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After reading this thread I put the black sharpie to work on 18 months worth of dings from my kids, grrrr. I'm sooooo much happier now, thanks for the tips everyone.

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I have Bucks County Soapstone, it must be much harder than the types you are mentioning.

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I also have Bucks County Soapstone but chose one of the softer varieties. Scott carried about 5 varieties at the time and I happened to fall in love with the one of the softer ones called Santa Rita because of the caramel quartz veins. My mom's soapstone from BCS goes in tomorrow and she chose the same one as willowdecor which is incredibly soft. I hope she is prepared. I am bringing her some Bee's oil and a sharpie as a new kitchen present.

Although the harder stones don't ding as easily, I love the silky feeling of the really soft ones (higher talc content). Plus I am trying to make a new old house so the dings really help age the kitchen.

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I have had my soapstone for three years now. When I get a bad ding I just oil it. You have to let the oil sit for several hours but it seems to do the trick.

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Oh, I love this forum. Confirming the widespread use of sharpies, excellent. Sanity preserved!

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Lol @ evilbunnie! :)

Although I don't have my soapstone yet, I am all too familiar with this trick. When my floor tile gets a ding from a dropped pot or whatever, I grab my trusty Sharpie.

Or, depending on the floor, my White Out.


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Diane -
You're lucky..I've left oil overnight on mine - the white dings never turn black, except with the sharpie! Obviously, different soapstones behave differently...something for those shopping soapstone to consider / test.

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i am with you diane - my dings and scratches never turn black with oil/wax....BUT BOY DO I LOVE MY SHARPIE!!! thanks so much to everyone for contributing to this thread! i thought i was all alone with my soft, never disappearing scratch and ding soapstone :-)

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Grannabelle - I would love to see pics of your kitchen. :o) Do you have any posted anywhere that you could share?

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