Has anyone used a Woolie painting tool?

ailene54April 10, 2014

I was looking at different painting styles and came across the Woolie glazing color wash faux finish. This tool is sold on amazon, most seem to like it, saying it's easy to use even without artistic ability. I like the style, would like it in my bathroom. Just wondering if anyone here has tried it? Is it really easy?

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Where I work, we haven't been asked about these for some time...yeeeeaars! It's just one of those painting fads that ran its course. Nobody does this anymore it seems like....

Many customers tell me "I'm painting over the previous owners horrendous faux-finishing...."

I did kinda like it...for a while...


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Faron thanks for replying! Does this look at all like venetian plaster? I really like that look, wanted it for my main bathroom till I found out the cost. Thought this was something I could try to do on my own?

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Yes, you can do it on your own.

The Woolie-roller makes a faux-finish easy. BUT...it looks nothing like VP. The trouble with most f-f, is that people get tired of a look SO fast.


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Faron your so knowledgeable, hope you don't mine another question. Do you know of any faux painting which will have the look of VP? I usually hire painters, but have decided this will be a DIY....any suggestions will be appreciated.

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"Most" of the LOOK of V-P is created from the actual "troweling-on" of a tinted plaster/similar product.
(sort of like spreading cream-cheese on a Bagel!)

This builds-up a "profile" on the wall (like the cream-cheese analogy), which is further accented by applying coordinating glaze-colors, or even waxes. There are a few companies that have a V-P-like product. Modern-Masters, McCloskey, etc. Probably plenty of Youtube vids too!


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