baseboard and trim rough

solrac6262April 13, 2011

hello all.

I'm not an expert on painting, but I am trying to learn a little bit, I know a painter, that does work for me in my home, but last time he came to cut line on my baseboard and trim I noticed he left a lot of rough spots, what can cause this? dust, old brush, plus he was leaving some paint strokes..

I was using SW SWB alkyd eggsheel for trim.. he came back and sand looks better but now I'm not confident and probably want to try doing it my self..

should I get a good brush and maybe switch to a BM paint? just sand a little on the rough spots and repaint?

any recommendations are greatly appreaciated


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Yes, sanding will smooth out the basebaords. There is a chance that he is picking up junk from near the bottom of the baseboard and this is making the trim rough. Also, the paint could have bits of junk in it already. Paint gets this way when it sits for some time or it just naturally gets snotty while working with it for several days. You can fix this by straining with a paint strainer or some old nylons. Also, using a good brush helps with keeping the brush strokes to a minimum, but also good technique is important. If you dry brush the paint on or overbrush the paint, the brush marks will show up more. The key to painting without the brush marks is laying the paint on fairly heavy so that it can dry down into itself and the brush marks will dissipate. You just don't want to apply the paint so heavy that it sags though.

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thanks for the info Paintguy, I'll try that ..

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