Promar 200 and roller

malibujason79April 15, 2011

Painted a room using promar 200 egg shell. I notice some lap marks in the sheen if I stand back and look at the wall at an angle with direct sunlight. I think my main problem is that I did not apply enough paint. When I back rolled the paint was starting to dry and this caused my problem. I was using shur-line 3/8" nap from the box store, not the best choice. What is a good cover to use as there are so many out there to chose from? Purdy white dove or colossus, wooster poly/wool S.W. contractor series ? I like the look that a 3/8" nap leaves, and would still like to have that with a different roller cover.

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Get into a REAL cover like Purdy White-Doves or Wooster Pro-Dooz's.

B4 1st roll on the wall-
Let the roller get saturated (2 minutes!). Roll-off excess, load again. Let sit ANOTHER 2 minutes. Roll-off any "sheeting" paint. You should be able to walk around the room with a properly saturated roller, and not have a molecule drip off....well....this applies to GOOD paints anyway!!

>>> NOW, you're "Ready-to-Roll"!!

Don't push a loaded roller ANY further than 2'x3'....3'x3' at the MAX.
* Work in 3' wide columns on the wall.
* Apply FOUR loads (~2'x3') in this column, starting @ the top.
* Here's the KEY movement...after filling lowest rectangle (roller-load #4), bring the roller immediately to the top, and do a >>> LIGHT * Read that step AGAIN...
* This evens-out the thin-spots and roller-turns that you can't see...because they're WET.
* PLUS- all paint is now "leaning" the same direction! You won't get the "Mowed Baseball-field" look!!


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