Need HELP with exterior paint colours!

emstehApril 25, 2013

Hi everyone!

I need some serious help. I have been humming and hawing over this for months and months, and I just cannot figure out what colour to paint the trim of my house. I hate it because it just looks like a big beige house with no definition. But at the same time, I think painting the trim a darker colour would make it look like my house has bulgy eyes. lol
What should I do to add some character to it??
ALSO, the front door - I REALLY want to give it a pop of colour but not sure which colour to choose!

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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My two cents -- if you do paint the trim a darker color, it might look like bulgy eyes (I agree with you -- LOL). The house colors are soft look and not bad at all.

Front door painted would look nice - maybe a maroon or forest green color if you are determined to paint it. I think the house design forces you to notice the garage and upper left first. If anything, paint the trim the same as the siding and it will really diminish the window/garage stand-out.

Give some thought to accentuating your walk to the front porch, the porch itself and the door. Maybe some bigger coach lanterns on the Garage too. Make the entrance so irresistible that YOU don't even notice your trim.

Just some ideas.

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I think your door would look marvelous in an emerald blue such as SW 6783.

Your trim look lighter, but maybe going another step or two lighter would give more definition. That is what I would do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quick color search

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It's hard to tell what your siding color is. Since there's gold in the stone, maybe it doesn't have pink tones, as it looks to here? How about warming up the trim with a mid-range golden beige/taupe from the stone, not too dark. Maybe a red on the rusty side for the door.

I guess the soffit is a non-paintable material?

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Hmm, I see what you guys are saying. Thanks for your help. I guess I'll leave the trim lighter...I just need to find a way to add something. Maybe after painting the door it will look better.

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Does your HOA have a say in your exterior paint colors?

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