Can i use 'Key West Colors' in MA?

nancitaApril 6, 2012

Hi all,

Just moved from Key West back to the Boston area. We had painted the interior of the KW house subtle sahdes of blue, green yellow and coral. It was gorgeous. The colors were not pastel yet they were soft.

We are redoing our entire second floor of our New England home and need to choose paint colors for the entire inside. I was told in KW that the paint colors show differently there than somewhere else, so what we used there may look different here due to the sky hue, sun etc.. True or false? I am drawn to those colors. They are so peaceful. Would they work?


Both homes are approximately the same 1880's age, if that matters.

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Bottom line-
It's your home(s)...BUT....

You can run into "regional/period" looks that may be too contrary to some, especially @ resale time.

Are you in/near any "Historical District" areas?!

Yes...the light in New-England is VERY different from the light in KW!! Especially if you're away from the ocean some!
Any northern-latitude location is darker for a longer period of time too. North-facing rooms can seem really dark, re. to Florida! Fall/Winter lighting is "Bluer" up North. Coastal areas down South have more intense "Amber/Redder" hues, especially in the evening, IMO.

Fun-C hopefully will jump in here! She's the "Color Goddess" 'round here! I have some experience with "Northern-Light" too...I'm in Fargo, ND!!


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