Painting Range Hood

CEFreemanApril 27, 2011

Hi all!

I have been reconstructing my kitchen and in all the changes and storing and reinstalling, my range hood has become scratched.

I'd like to paint it.

I've never painted metal.

Do I sand it like wood, first? Do I just prime it with STIX?

I don't cook much, and never fry a thing except meat for soup or spaghetti once in a blue moon. Heat isn't much of an issue.

I'd appreciate advice.

As always, thank you.

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What kind of finish does it have now?

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Whatever came on it from the factory.
Paint of some sort, I guess.

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I painted our vintage CL purchased metal range hood. I cleaned it well (it was pretty much a cream puff), lightly sanded it all over with a high grit (220 or something), used a tack cloth on the whole thing, then painted it.

I used a brand new, straight 3" Corona (my personal fav) brush and C2 semi gloss paint. I used long, sweeping strokes, and tried to pay good attention. I lightly sanded and then used the tack cloth between coats 2 and 3 and let the first two coats cure for a couple of days before putting the the final coat on.

It came out pretty good, most of the brush strokes aren't visible. But, it's up high, and that covers a multitude of sins.

Good luck-


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I don't think that anything that you can apply in situ will be as hard and smooth as the original finish. It would be a problem for me because we cook a lot and that would make it difficult to clean. Since you don't cook much, it might be fine.

Just follow the instructions on a can of good quality enamel.

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I disagree with ionized, we cook a lot, can a lot, make candy, deep fry, etc., we are foodies and really use our range. The painted finish has held up fine, we use a vinegar and dish soap mixture to clean the inside and outside of the hood, the baffles go in the DW. No chipping or anything.


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Your hood is way too high to be very effective in catching much crud anyway.

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Sandyponder, you have a very cheerful kitchen! What you described is how I was thinking of approaching it. No sanding too hard because it would just make gouges.

It's too high? Shhhhh! Don't tell it or it'll quit working.

I have nothing to lose by painting it, given it's scratched right now. I don't mind some vague brush strokes. Cabinet Coat is pretty magic, and if I use the adheasive primer, it'll probably be pretty washable.

What the heck! :)


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