Need paint help for Crafstman bungalow porch

VADawgApril 14, 2014

Hi all, my exterior colors are kind of a creamy pale yellow wood with burgundy trim around the windows (the green seen in the pic is not on the back porch). We added on a rear screened porch, and I need to pick floor and ceiling colors for the porch. I'm trying to decide between painting the porch floor the same burgundy or I'm thinking a gray to lighten it up a bit and also because the porch is visible from our kitchen, which is white and gray. I'm leaning towards the gray but I'm really need help with the ceiling color. In the South we paint porch ceilings blue, but I can't seem to find a blue that will work with creamy yellow and burgundy. Any suggestions? I'll be using Benjamin Moore paints. Thanks in advance!

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I like the red porch floor, but I do see how the blue ceiling wont work with those colors. Why not paint the porch ceiling the same or a slightly lighter yellow? So long as you install a cool white led lighting source, it shouldn't be too warm, and you can buy outdoor rugs to cover the floor in the area you see out the kitchen window if it clashes too much. OR, you could bring the green trim around to the back by painting the floor the green color, which should not be as glaring through the white/grey kitchen, and would still be cohesive to the color scheme.

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Thanks but I'm really looking for a blue for the ceiling that will go with these colors. It's a Southern superstition thing to paint porch ceilings blue. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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It's actually a practical issue. Blue is said to repel bugs. that's why the inside of antique trunks are often blue, as well. It's also a cooler color it the heat.

Paint your colors on big squares of cardboard. Maybe take them to the paint store and outside compare to see how things go together. If you could get ahold of a paint deck, it would be easier to look at the paints together and find something with a hue that's compatible.

It's impossible on a computer monitor to pick an accurate color. Frankly, even asking someone to tell you what to do is kinda nuts, given how everyone's eye sees color differently. Only you will be able to pick.

As beautiful and classic as you home is, I'm certain whatever you choose will be absolutely lovely!

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