Trim Color- BM White Dove or Decorators White

nicoles747April 10, 2010

I am having some trouble deciding on a trim color for my home. I usually just go with decorator's white but I recently met with a color consultant and they said White dove is the way to go. I am just not sure b/c white dove is more of an off-white. Can anyone give me some insight on which to choose?

I am usuing benjamin moore paint and my colors are:

Kitchen: Danville Tan

Family Room: Salem Gray

Living Room: Desert Tan

Dining Room: Butterscoth sundae

Foyer: Wheeling neutral

Office: James River Gray

Thanks for your help!

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Lisa Botte

I'd go with the White Dove. I am in the process of repainting all of my main floor trim this color (kitchen cabinets are also White Dove). I started painting the trim w/the decorator's white but it reads as a grey/blue undertone, whereas the White Dove is more creamy and definitely looks better with the warmer colors I've chosen through the house. Sounds like if you're going tan/butterscotch, then the warmer undertones would go better w/the White Dove. :)

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I have definately had people complain that the Decorators White can look blue. The White Dove is a very popular trim color though. It's my least favorite though because it covers very poorly...plan on three coats.

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Definitely, for color, I prefer White Dove. Decorator's White looks too harsh and cold for me. I've used White Dove throughout my house with all sorts of colors, and it looks good with all of them. I was interested to see paintguy's comment about coverage, though--it does seem to cover pretty poorly!

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Here is what I found on an interior designer's blog site form Patricia Gray ( Her most fav white is - Benjamin Moore paint Cloud White. "It is a very soft white and easy to live with.
Some of my favorite whites I use are are from Benjamin Moore: Cloud White, Simply White, Ballet White, White Dove, White Linen and Designer White.
Hope this helps. FYI - our cabinet is White Dove and it looks like a really creamy white and our trim, not yet painted, will be a shade lighter, not sure yet maybe cloud white.

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How about China White vs Dove White. I think China white is very grey? But my wife doesnt want a bright white. Will white dove be okay? We are using Shaker Beige please help

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I will second Simply White. I have used it because of recommendations here and it really looks 'simply white'!

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We are going for a transitional look and are deciding between BM's White Dove (seems like it is the existing trim color in the foyer and main floor) or Decorator's White (which is in the bedrooms or maybe it's an even whiter white). The painter said we could get away with one coat of Decorator's White over the White Dove but not White (which was two shades up from White Dove). There are a bunch of greys in the other main floor walls/floyer, Shale, Beacon Grey, Bunny Grey, Athena and Collingwood. Possible accents would be an orange in the dining room, Dahlia, Green 458 or some spa-like blues. I actually like a French Blue but the color consultant hadn't put that in. The coffered ceiling will have Stormy Skies? in the boxes.

The upstairs rooms are in a light pink, Blue Sky, different whites and a Grey Tint and a room and sitting room with a hint of lavender.

Do you think Decorator White will look good or will it be too harsh? Would it work for a transitional look? Would you push for White? Our kitchen designer recommended Superwhite for the cabinets and said we could do any color trim for the rest of the rooms (open floor plan) and it would be fine.

Also, would you do the trim in a Semi-gloss? The painter seemed hesitant and thought the existing one was Satin and we should stick to it. The colorist thought we should do a semi-gloss. We have a 1999 house so I can't imaging that the trim has that many imperfections.

Thank you very much!

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