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allakay9187August 30, 2005

Hi I am 18 and I currently babysit 2 little girls. They are 8 and 5 and I really enjoy watching them they are the sweetest things and I really like them. My problem is I watch them 36 hours a week and only get paid $75. I haven't babysat(other than for family) since I was about 13 so I dont really know what the average pay is nowadays and I dont really think that is fair seeing how the hours I work are not very average at all. I watch the girls from 1:30pm untill 1:30am 3 days a week. It is going to get even harder now that school is about to start and I will have to cook, bath, help w/ homework and clean. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what you usaully get paid/pay for a babysitter and how to bring this up to the parent and not lose my job. Like I said I really like the girls and I enjoy spending time w/ them but I feel like I'm not really in a fair situation. HELP PLEASE!!!

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OH MY GOD! You are practically working a full time job there, and not getting compensated. You are making only like $2.30 an hour! *gasp* I understand that you don't want to lose your job, but I also understand that you are being totally underpaid. Especially if you are doing extras like cooking, cleaning and bathing. For a babysitter, working those hours, I would expect to pay (I'm from RI, and a young mom, so I probably sympathize more with you than the parents..) at LEAST $150, and even that is probably too low.

This is how I would approach it, and it might be hard to talk to these parents about money, but you have to! I would say: (make sure you discuss it at a convient time, not when they are stressed/running out the door) "I really enjoy taking care of your girls, we have a lot of fun together, and I enjoy working for you. I was wondering with school starting up and the increased responsibilities that I will have if it would be possible for me to get a raise. I have (college, bills, fill in the blank) to take care of finacially, would that be a possibility?"
If they don't seem interested, or balk at the idea of giving you a raise, you may want to point out, "Do you realize that I am only making $2.30 an hour to TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN." Peoples children are supposed to be the most important thing in their lives, and these people obviously trust you, they should be willing to compensate you for the important job you are doing. Ask them. The worst scenario is that they say no, and then you decide whether or not to work for them. Good Luck!!!!!!

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I'd call around and find out what it would costs to send two kids to daycare. You're providing care, hours, etc., that even a daycare wouldn't take on.

If the parents decide not to increase your pay, move on. Other employers have to pay at least minimum wage.

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thanks for the advice guys I think you both have a really good point.

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Wow! I pay $180 week for 35 hours for 1 child. I think you are grossly underpaid, esp since many of my friends with kids think that I am paying less than the going rate. I am also in NY. These parents depend on you to watch their kids and if you leave, they will be stuck. They need you as much as you need them, if not more so. I would definitly ask formore $$ and if they can't or won't you may want to look elsewhere. Trust me when I say that you'll find plenty of parents willing to pay you a decent price to watch their kids. Good Luck.

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I think you should make at least min. wage. You could go out and find a job that pays at least min. wage and benefits! I can't believe they are paying you so low. I made more than that about 12 years ago when I was 14 yrs old. You need to have a serious conversation with them. If they don't give you a raise (a BIG raise), then you should definitely find a new job. They should be paying you at least 200.00/week, probably even more.

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I pay a sitter between $5 - $6.00 per hour. That is the amount most of our friends pay too.

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Did you talk to the parents? What was the outcome?

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Set a rate for what YOU think is fair and stick to it.

Otherwise they will use you.

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