back to school, already??

kimmeeleighAugust 14, 2002

My babies go back to school tomorrow. Summer just ripped by and I had to share them with their daddy, I gave him extra weekends cuz he only gets them 2 weekends a month. Now the summer is all over and I feel like I didn't get to play with them enough!! THey are excited about school and I am SAD!! Anyone else going through this?? I know that I will have so much more time in the day to get my chores done but I still feel a little depressed.

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I always go through a let down when my daughter (now 12 - 7th grade) returns to school. My husband comes home for lunch most days & he always comments that I seem "sad" for the first couple of weeks. I AM! We have fun during the summer & I miss my baby girl!

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I'm the same way. When school is getting ready to let out, most parents are complaining about having their kids underfoot all summer....I'm excited! We do so many fun things together, and have lots of one on one time. When school starts, it gets so quiet around the house without her and her friends playing in the house or yard. I miss it.

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I really hate it when school starts! My oldest started college early (in his second year at 17) and my baby (12) needs a special school five states away! Wah! Summer has been wonderful and I don't want to give them up again for nine months!

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I do miss them, but I am also excited for them wondering what wonders the new school year will bring them: new friends, career ideas, a love of a new subject, a wonderful teacher.

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