Exterior paint question (painted brick house)

SammyGApril 24, 2011

We bought a painted brick house in September. All of the other houses in our neighborhood are unpainted brick. Of course we wish it wasn't painted, but nothing we can do about it now ;)

I really dislike the color of the house, it's taupe. I've wanted to paint it a light yellow color since we moved in and my husband is fine with that.


I'm an artist and the artist/creative wheels are starting to turn, not to mention thoughts of reselling the house.

Since I'd like to paint it ANYway,

would it be a ridiculous/stupid idea to faux-finish it back to brick?

What I mean is, buy some exterior paint in a grayish-mortar color and go in and hand-paint the mortar? I thought I could keep the taupe and possibly buy a few more shades of it, slight variations, and paint the individual bricks *slightly* different color tans/taupes.

I know it would be time consuming (but so is any exterior painting project) and since it's basically the same color going over the taupe, just slight variation, might only take 1 coat.

I thought looking like it was back to brick might also help when we go to resell the house. It would still be unique since I'd make it look like the tan brick instead of red.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

It's you're house, do with it whatever you want.

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I am not a house :)

I was just wondering if anyone's seen this done before. I don't want to do it if it's going to look bad. My mom mentioned seeing it on HGTV, but I couldn't find anything online about it. I thought folks here might have seen it done on TV or heard of someone doing it.

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