Color scheme for small victorian

voveoApril 4, 2013

Looking to get a second opinion on the house I'm buying. I was thinking navy with the traditional red/maroon door. I'm not sure about porch railings or anything either. I was thinking white.

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Lori A. Sawaya

If I understand correctly, you're thinking about navy blue for the entire body of the house. I would ask if you've ever seen a house - painted - navy blue. Functionally, navy for the body is not a good idea. Aesthetically, I'm reading red, white and blue color scheme - maybe something else to think about a lil more.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I would ask if you've ever seen a house - painted - navy blue.

I just came back from a vacation to California and there were plenty of them in San Francisco.

But I agree with you

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No I ment shutters, trim , door....

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A red door is always good!

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I may be off the wall here, but I'm not sure I would even keep the shutters. When I look at the house, the shutters are all you see now - and only two of the windows have shuters. The upper windows don't. And the door looks too thin and skimpy next to the windows which are visually widened by the shutters. Had you considered painting the walls a more saturated color, and a dark complementary color for the door? The door needs to take more prominance, and I love the eyebrows over the windows, yet you can hardly see them because they don't stand out.

Let's say for example you paint the exterior walls a deeper yellow, remove the shutters, brighten the white paint around all the windows and door, then the door a dark navy? Then if you put railings around the porch, they'd be in white also.

Or you could paint the exterior walls medium (not light) gray, white trim, and a red door.

By the way, I absolutely love this house. You really found a gem. Such possibilities.

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I love this house I think the shutters are part of the original design so they should stay they just should not be contrasted so starkly. I don't think a light color would work on this house at all. Because of the house to the right and the white house on the left a blue would work perfectly. I would not go as dark as navy. A midtone blue.

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Hi again...When I posted on this earlier I was doing so from my phone but now that I have a chance to see the house on the puter I love it even more. Where is this house located? If I was looking for inspiration colors for it I would check New Orleans. This house deserves special treatment.

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